2013... and a WINNER!

Happy, happy year of 2013.
How was your 2012? 
What will you do differently in 2013?
What new year resolutions do you make?
Do you typically make resolutions?
Do you stick with your resolutions?

In 2012 I had 1 baby- I am very proud and thankful of that!
In 2013 I do not plan to top that- Lord willing!

In 2012 I had a wonderful friendship with my handsome husband
In 2013 I plan to do that very thing (not necessarily always act the way I did, however!)

In 2012 I loved the Lord
In 2013 I want to know Him more, for to know Him is to love Him

In 2012 we moved to a lovely home
In 2013 I want to be thankful for this every day

Now, to the homemade soap giveaway!
As I said before, there are two winners and you know who they are?

Angela and Sara!

Please email me your 2 picks and addresses and I will get them mailed out to you both!
(I used a random number generator from here but could not get screen shots.)

(For those of you who did not win, I do sell my soaps for $3.50 per bar. I also have Lavender and Eucalyptus-Spearmint available currently.)

Have a wonderful 2013!