Hooded CarSeat Blanket Tutorial

A while back I found this through Pinterest, loved it, pinned it, and forgot about it.
Recently I went to JoAnns to get supplies for corn hole bags and opened Pinterest.
{Note to self~ this is not a good way to stay on budget!}
Anyways, i found this project again {along with a few others}.
So with winter coming up I decided to go ahead and make it...
a hooded car  seat blanket.

Items needed:
42" flannel for the front of the blanket
42" flannel for the back of the blanket
42" cotton batting
Matching thread
Sewing basics (machine, scissors, etc.)
{I got 42" because the flannel was 42" wide and it needs to be a square.}

Place your flannel together, fronts facing each other, and fold into quarters. Draw a shape about like this. I just used a sharpie and free-handed it. Cut around your shape. One note though, make sure you cut it on the raw edges. I guess I decided to not use my head and just cut wherever so I ended up with this...

No fear though, I just stitched down the middle! {Hello... it's called basic sewing!}

Lay your 2 pieces of flannel (right sides together still) on top the batting, pin, and sew around the edge (leaving one  corner unsewn to turn right side out, as you can see in the next photo.) Trim the batting.

Turn the blanket right side out so that the batting is inside the 2 layers of flannel. Fold the unsewn corner in half (with the back of the blanket facing out, as shown). This will make the hood. Sew straight across only...

I ended up sewing it a little rounded so the hood didn't point as badly. Then use a tight zig-zag stitch to give it a nice finished look.

Sew a finishing seam around the blanket.

Lay the blanket in the car seat and mark where the tops and bottoms of each strap and the sides of the buckle come. 

Then connect the dots.
You can barely see where I marked it...

Sew around each line and use scissors to cut on the lines (once sewn). I folded it in half and gave a little snip to get it started then finished it off opened to make sure I stayed on the line and didn't cut the stitch. I'm sure using a rotary cutter would make things much easier. That's what Kelly at Imperfect Homemaking did, but then again she didn't cut her blanket in half either so perhaps you should visit her tutorial... :)

Then lay the blanket in the car seat because I've got good news, it is finished! Pull the straps through the slits.

Place adorable baby in seat and buckle.
(...as she is filling pants, optional) 
I really should have waited until she was finished for both her comfort and the quality of photo but we had places to go (hello, Grandma's house) and blog photos to take!

Bundle, bundle!


Remembering Summer... Lake Cumberland

This summer we went on our usual family vacation to the beautiful

Lake Cumberland in KY.

We stayed at a new cabin this year,

right on the lake. {It's the cabin on the right.}

The usual wake boarding,


tubing, and knee boarding...

We hung out on the boat,

in the water,

 and in the cabin. {And watched way too much Olympics}

We ate...

a lot...

no mater where we where.

This year however we had a few new things... Kellie pulled out the double trainer skis to give them a try and couldn't stop laughing.

So Branton decided to give them a try and started to jump the wake.

Levi even cleared the wake.

Along comes Brad.

He danced,

acted as if he where a true beginner whenever boats passed,

And ended up dropping one ski and skiing one-ski on little 4 foot trainers.

He was a true pro.

We also visited Conley Bottom Marina...

for some ice cream...

and an evening cruse on the lake.

It seemed as if Mom held her new little granddaughter the whole time.

So Momma and Daddy got some time of free arms.

And for the most exciting unusual and new thing of this trip, we had Miss Adeline with us. 
Next year we'll have 2 little girls with us! Can't wait to meet my niece come February!


Swooning at the Face of a Darling Angel

I know, I know... I've already told you Adeline is 3 months and even dedicated a post to it. But there are several reasons why I need to dedicate yet another.

1} I just got her 3 months photos back from Branton {wonderful photographer, check out his site. I even got along with him! -WINK-}

2} She is worthy of so many posts dedicated to her... for she is a darling angel!

3} I love to brag about her... for she is a darling angel.

4} And I know you want to keep seeing more of her... for she is a darling angel!

Theses are just a few of my favorites! have a blessed day!