Sweet Baby Girl

She really likes her play mat.

She has some admirers... this wasn't even posed!

Since we don't have internet and I'm busy with Baby girl I probably won't be posting too often. Thanks for understanding!



This is Miss Adeline's dwelling place... to be! She's currently still in our room.

Levi and I found this dresser (along with another and 2 night stands) at a garage sale a couple years back. They where yellowed and old and I didn't really like them. He told me that we would repaint them and trim it pink (instead of it's olive green colored trimming) and it'd be perfect if we ever had a little girl. So we bought them and just refinished it and I do believe he was right... it's perfect!

Vintage books

These where some dressed my Mom wore as a baby. Are they not beautiful?

The detailing is amazing to me. Since there are some holes and things Adeline won't be able to wear them, but they are displayed on the pink hall-tree.



I have a few photos to share of our sweet little girl!

Grandpa and Grandma where so excited to see her!

4 Generations, my dad and grandmother.

Getting ready to go home. This is Pam, one of the nurses. I loved her!

4 generations, my mom and grandma.

Adeline's first outing. Pediatrician's office and Boston Stoker! I never noticed it being loud in there before but the grinders and blenders and all the people... whew! But she slept right through it all!

1 week old. Sleepy baby, emotional mother!

Adeline's 2nd outing. At 1 week old we took her to play Frisbee golf at Troy park and to Panera Bread for lunch. Once again, she slept through it until she was hungry.

This is her downstairs bed. Mom and Dad Bowman got it in Germany on their honeymoon.