Very Thankful

Thanksgiving is such a blessing!
I would like to share a very condensed version of my "thankful for" list with you.

1. Thanksgiving, for it reminds me to be thankful

2. A husband, who is willing to wash my never ending pile of dishes
{And willing to let me take this photo!}

3. Work, that we may live and eat and give

4. The book, 1000 Gifts, which taught me to see blessing in the little things

5. My sweet baby girl, for she has taught me to really love

6. The changes of the seasons

7. Family, they are the best of friends

8. Freedom in Christ, with that I (He) has overcame much in my life.

9. Color, adds joy to life

10. Home, our earthly refuge and shelter

What are you thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving...
now go enjoy a turkey with your family!

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