Pinterest Party

Last Tuesday a friend and I hosted a Pinterest Party at my home.

Pinterest Link on how to make Kayla's coffee filter wreath.
She brought the yummy keish (pictured above) that she whipped up that morning, 
and of course made up her recipe!

Katelyn made coffee filter flowers for a wreath she is working on and brought oreo cake.

Jenni strung tulle around Christmas lights and made monkey bread muffins (pictured above).

KayAnn knitted a sweater for her baby girl that will be here around February.
She brought cucumber sandwiches.

                                       Lisa made sweater flowers for a wreath she is making too.
She brought a pumpkin cake and shrimp dip.

For the craft, I made a glitter reindeer canvas although I had a much bigger list!
Like this and this and this and this and this!

The Chia Tea was so yummy if I can say so myself. 
And... the hot chocolate was the best mix I've ever had. It was like pure dark chocolate!

What crafts have you done from Pinterest?


  1. Wish I could have been there it looks like so much fun! maybe next time!

    1. It was quite fun! Missed you, though!

  2. Love the smiles, the crafts, and the yummy food! :) Looks like a blessing of a time.

    1. It sure was!aybr next time you won't have to work! ;)


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