Growing, Growing

We have had quite an exciting month!

We had a play date (or several!) with Joy and her Mommy,

A campfire with family,

And several runs together.
A loves getting all cozy in her running stroller.
(Try as I may, I can't figure on how to turn this photo. And I feel like I've called my geeky brothers enough lately with phone/ computer problems so bear with me!)

Of course Miss A fit into new fun outfits and posed for many-a-photo shoots.

Grandpa and Grandma went away for a week and we missed them so. But we got to be with them again and  where we ever excited!

Daddy escorted us to go pick out some lovely pumpkins and gourds for Mommy to decorate with.

Oh, look, another photo shoot and cute outfit!

Great Grandpa and Grandpa W love the sweetums, as do we all!

What fun things did you do this month?

Be back soon!
Lauren and Adeline


  1. she is getting so big lauran...and still as adorable as ever!

    1. Thank you! We are quite enjoying her!


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