Remembering Summer... Lake Cumberland

This summer we went on our usual family vacation to the beautiful

Lake Cumberland in KY.

We stayed at a new cabin this year,

right on the lake. {It's the cabin on the right.}

The usual wake boarding,


tubing, and knee boarding...

We hung out on the boat,

in the water,

 and in the cabin. {And watched way too much Olympics}

We ate...

a lot...

no mater where we where.

This year however we had a few new things... Kellie pulled out the double trainer skis to give them a try and couldn't stop laughing.

So Branton decided to give them a try and started to jump the wake.

Levi even cleared the wake.

Along comes Brad.

He danced,

acted as if he where a true beginner whenever boats passed,

And ended up dropping one ski and skiing one-ski on little 4 foot trainers.

He was a true pro.

We also visited Conley Bottom Marina...

for some ice cream...

and an evening cruse on the lake.

It seemed as if Mom held her new little granddaughter the whole time.

So Momma and Daddy got some time of free arms.

And for the most exciting unusual and new thing of this trip, we had Miss Adeline with us. 
Next year we'll have 2 little girls with us! Can't wait to meet my niece come February!

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  1. "Next year we'll have 2 little girls with us" I'm so dense, I thought you were telling us you were expecting again. Duh!


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