Hooded CarSeat Blanket Tutorial

A while back I found this through Pinterest, loved it, pinned it, and forgot about it.
Recently I went to JoAnns to get supplies for corn hole bags and opened Pinterest.
{Note to self~ this is not a good way to stay on budget!}
Anyways, i found this project again {along with a few others}.
So with winter coming up I decided to go ahead and make it...
a hooded car  seat blanket.

Items needed:
42" flannel for the front of the blanket
42" flannel for the back of the blanket
42" cotton batting
Matching thread
Sewing basics (machine, scissors, etc.)
{I got 42" because the flannel was 42" wide and it needs to be a square.}

Place your flannel together, fronts facing each other, and fold into quarters. Draw a shape about like this. I just used a sharpie and free-handed it. Cut around your shape. One note though, make sure you cut it on the raw edges. I guess I decided to not use my head and just cut wherever so I ended up with this...

No fear though, I just stitched down the middle! {Hello... it's called basic sewing!}

Lay your 2 pieces of flannel (right sides together still) on top the batting, pin, and sew around the edge (leaving one  corner unsewn to turn right side out, as you can see in the next photo.) Trim the batting.

Turn the blanket right side out so that the batting is inside the 2 layers of flannel. Fold the unsewn corner in half (with the back of the blanket facing out, as shown). This will make the hood. Sew straight across only...

I ended up sewing it a little rounded so the hood didn't point as badly. Then use a tight zig-zag stitch to give it a nice finished look.

Sew a finishing seam around the blanket.

Lay the blanket in the car seat and mark where the tops and bottoms of each strap and the sides of the buckle come. 

Then connect the dots.
You can barely see where I marked it...

Sew around each line and use scissors to cut on the lines (once sewn). I folded it in half and gave a little snip to get it started then finished it off opened to make sure I stayed on the line and didn't cut the stitch. I'm sure using a rotary cutter would make things much easier. That's what Kelly at Imperfect Homemaking did, but then again she didn't cut her blanket in half either so perhaps you should visit her tutorial... :)

Then lay the blanket in the car seat because I've got good news, it is finished! Pull the straps through the slits.

Place adorable baby in seat and buckle.
(...as she is filling pants, optional) 
I really should have waited until she was finished for both her comfort and the quality of photo but we had places to go (hello, Grandma's house) and blog photos to take!

Bundle, bundle!


  1. Very cute dear!
    I have a box of formula, true story! Any way, if you want it I will find a way to get it to you. I don't want to reship it because it's kinda heavy. Just let me know :)

  2. Brilliant!!! Makes me want another baby just to make one!

  3. It's a fabulous idea, but not safe to use in the car seat :( It keeps the harness from being tight enough to keep the baby safe. But a great idea for a stroller!

    1. How is it that you cant tighten the caeseat straps when the blanket is in place?
      I'm not sure I understand. Isn't that the point of making this blanket?

    2. The straps are tightened against the child as usual, and the blanket lays over the straps. It does not affect the fit of the harness.

  4. This will not keep your child safe, there will be too much compression and if in a crash child will slip from seat. Research proper car seat.

    1. This is why the straps go through the blanket and buckle directly over your child, then the blanket is laid OVER the straps. There is not actually anything between the child and the straps, which is the exact purpose for the design of the blanket.

  5. OMG, some people not even with pictures do they get it. smh

  6. Nice idea. Some people are just plain stupid u can see how it goes with the straps.

  7. LOVE this and totally understand how it works ;) It affects the carseat no more than a head support cushion would. Brilliant! Definitely having my mom make me one. Thanks for sharing!

  8. If this isn't safe, then babies should only be in carseats naked, because their onesies are too think to make the straps secure. Sheesh.

  9. may i ask how far do yuo sew and cut to make the hood? i cant tell from pictures. 4 inches?

  10. This is cute, but unfortunately unsafe. No aftermarket carseat accessories are safe to be used with your carseat, but many moms don't realize this. Although your blanket goes under the straps, it is still unsafe to use and voids any kind of warranty on your seat. "If it didn't come with the carseat, leave it off." http://babyproducts.about.com/od/carseatglossary/g/What-Are-Aftermarket-Car-Seat-Accessories.htm

  11. This might void your car seat warranty, but it isn't unsafe. It is only one thin layer behind them, where putting a heavy coat on is two fluffy layers under the straps, which is where the danger of them sliding out of the car seat in a crash comes from. Safer then a coat because this blanket goes over the straps so you are still able to snug them down in the straps. And when you live in a cold climate, the cold is just as much, if not more, of a danger than crashing. You have to weigh the dangers and make a decision for your child. For me, this is much safer then my other options for keeping my child warm.

  12. It is safe. They actually make one you can buy, a little different but the same idea. The ones sold in stores seem actually more unsafe because they are alot more bulky than what this one appears. I love this and about to make one for my baby!

  13. Please do not make this for your baby! A child should be placed in a car seat, without ANY layers in under them and no bulky sweaters or coats on. The straps must be tight enough that you can only put 2 fingers under each one. (I assume this little ones straps were loosened to get the blanket in the seat, as they are much too loose for safety purposes. I live in a cold part of Canada and we are told we can tuck as many blankets on top, but not under. Infants shoulders are very narrow, for birthing , and in an accident they will slip right out of the seat, so any extra compressing of fabrics or can compromise safety. PLEASE PLEASE be careful! It is just not worth it.

  14. This is no less safe than putting a couple of warm layers on your baby! AND it is much safer than thick coats, winter suits, or JJ Cole type Bundle Me's that many are referring to as unsafe. Although, I personally plan to leave out the batting.

  15. How far down from the corner do I see across? Thanks for the info on the carseat blanket

  16. Great idea, but I agree, it doesn't comply with proper car seat safety guidelines. You can adjust the pattern to comply though: instead of slits for the buckles to fit through, simply make a larger triangle shaped hole in the middle of the blanket that fits around all the straps and crotch buckle and leaves the back void of extra layers. It still covers the baby's front but has the baby's back directly against the seat itself.


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