Homemade Baby Wipes

I've been making my baby wipes! It's really easy, let me share!

2 cups water, 1 Tbsp each baby oil and baby wash, 1 roll Bounty paper towels, cut in 2.
I am using Johnson's because it's what I have for now but I would highly recommend using a more organic, natural wash and lotion for healthier wipes. Also the Bounty brand is important. My friend who gave me this recipe tried several brands and Bounty was the only one that didn't tear everywhere and become a soggy mess. I cut the roll in two with a large serrated kitchen knife.

Bring all ingredients (except towels of course) to a boil and make sure it's all mixed well. Set towels on plate and slowly pour mixture over paper towels.

Let set for a few minutes to cool off slightly and pull out cardboard. 

It should come out easily and pull out the middle paper towels.

Store in sealed container of some sort. This is from Meijer but I also use an reused plastic wipes container. 
I also use them around the house!

Let me know how you like them!


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    1. :) They also have cloth wipes you might be interested in if you're using cloth diapers... I might start using them when I switch back to cloth diapers!

  2. your blog is so cute!! i'm a fan of homegrown/homemade goodness too, and am very happy to have found you online. :-)
    see you neighbor!

    1. I had no idea... ;) Good to see you on here... I'll have to check out your blog soon!

  3. I'm going to try this solution for our cloth wipes. I started out using cloth wipes with water in my peri bottle but it was a pain to spritz water on them each time...especially since I often change her on my lap. So I gave up and started using disposables but if they're already moist I might like it better. I've heard Viva towels work great for this too. Love your container!

    1. I just saw this container at hobby lobby and glassware is 50%off this week. I also like to use wet bags for pre- wet cloth wipes. I do that when I'm going out and about.


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