3 Months of life...

Miss Adeline Grey turned 3 months yesterday and I can't believe it! 
Here is a brief view into her last month's events...

{This is the outfit I came home from in the hospital at 10lb,9oz. She is wearing at 2 months at 10lb,7oz.}

{She is so loved by her momma and pappa.}

{One relaxing Sunday afternoon.)

{Play date with Joy!}

{Happy baby at nap time... loves to cozy up with monkey snuggle-blanket from Aunt Crystal.}

{Momma and Pappa are not the only ones who love her... Uncle Branton and Uncle Brad playing and swooning!} 
{Yes, Brad... I swoon too!}

{With Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Hoblit; styling the darling bow from Great Grandma. She is so blessed to have 4 great grandparents.}

{At the True Woman Conference. She loved the socializing but got quite worn out.} 

{Three months on this day...}

{She was on angel during shots... She cried less than I did!}

... sorry it took me so long to get something up...

And I haven't forgotten about the diaper post. I have lots of things to share but just have not gotten time. I'm learning she grows faster than I can keep up with and I'm soaking in every moment!

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