Just How My Day Went

Let me tell you all about my day Friday!

So Mom took me to my doctor to see if I'm gaining enough since I had been struggling with that a little. I blew them out of the water when I gained 10oz in 4 days! {I think Mom will tell you more about that in a little while!}

Then as we where leaving Mom and Grandma started talking about Marshalls. It took me a little to catch on that Marshalls is one of those loud places with a whole bunch of people and I don't like those places. So I started saying, "No, no..."

But they kept on driving! I just kept on crying because I knew since Grandma was in the car she would come back and sit with me. Then she did and I was like "YES!" I love it when she does that!

Then we went to Fazoli's and Mommy fed me and I decided to be a really good girl so Mommy and Grandma could eat! Sometimes I don't do that because I like to be held!

...anyways we made it to Marshalls and I was a good girl for a while but Mommy was taking too long so I started to tell her it was time to go. Then Grandma took me outside and Mommy stayed inside. Not exactly what I had in mind... (duh, Mommy, you should know that by now)

... but at least I was outside so I stopped protesting.
Oh, and there was a lady in Marshalls that said "That baby is so cute!" She followed Grandma around asking some questions about me like my weight and everything (I don't know why Mommy and other ladies think that's offensive; I love it when Mommy brags about how much I gained?!) but Grandma was insistent on getting me outside and calmed down! Mommy said later that the lady had come around to the cash registers asking to see me again but I wasn't there! People just think I'm so cute. My goodness...

Then I got really tired and was hoping we would go home soon.

Next thing I knew I woke up in my own house with a bottle waiting. I was quite pleased!

And that is just how my day went! Thanks for letting me tell you!
I think Mommy will be back soon. I'll do my best to not fall asleep when I should so she keeps holding me... that's usually when she does her blogging these days!


  1. :) What a fun post! So glad you are learning to blog early sweet Adeline Grey!!

    1. Thank you... I think she's rather smart! :)

  2. So cute, Lauren! You totally made my day. Give miss Adeline a hug for me.


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