Feeding my Baby

My baby girl is growing like a weed. Like a really cute dainty weed,
perhaps Queen Anne's Lace, only even prettier!

From the very first moments of breastfeeding she latched on great. She was a pro, like she had done this all her life {wait...}.
But she was also quite lazy at it. She would fall asleep often and suck very softly. When I took her in at 6 weeks {because she hadn't had a stool in 11 days and was very fussy} her weight gain was low- only 9 oz in 27 days. She should have gained a minimum of 14 oz.
I started supplementing and pumping to try to increase my supply, but after a couple days she would only take the bottle, it was ease for her. And my supply would not increase. It was, in fact, decreasing even though I was doing all I could to increase it. I drank so much water, ate so much oatmeal, protein, etc, and pumped often. I was hoping to give her breast-milk exclusively even if it was through bottle, but it was becoming apparent that wasn't going to be possible. I was only 1oz and she was taking 4oz. I struggled with the emotions of it for a few days and kept pumping, not willing to give it up. But after several tears, guilt for not being able to do what women are "supposed" to be able to naturally do I giving up my plan {which is something I greatly struggle with} and went to formula exclusively. I was OK emotionally at that point. Then I went to buy formula- another meltdown {that stuff is ridiculously priced}... then we where with some friends the next evening; she breastfed- another meltdown...
But thing are better now! Four days after her appointment we took her back for a weight check and she gained 10oz! She had gained more in 4 days than the previous 27 days! That gave me some encouragement along the journey.

{We both love our Moby Wrap.}
Now baby is happy, and Momma is happy!! Last night she even slept 9 hrs for the first night!


  1. I totally understand those emotions! Nora quit nursing at 9 months and even then, I wasn't ready to quit. She had other plans. :) I don't know how interested you are, but raw goats milk is the closest thing to breast milk....and I'm sure, much cheaper :) Let me know if you're interested and I can get you info on where to get it. If not, no biggie. :)
    Here is my email: laura.m.sink@gmail.com

  2. Hi Lauren :) Your little one is so sweet. I had the same issue with my boys...don't let anyone tell you that you are a better Mother if you nurse your baby. I STILL have a sadness of not being able to nurse. I felt like such a horrible Mother. SO...:)...formula doesn't kill them or make them unhealthy...my boys are hardly ever sick. Just some encouragement for you.

  3. I meant to leave you a note after I first read this, but life got in the way! Just wanted to tell you that I had a similar experience too. At two weeks, she had only gained one ounce back of her discharge weight. She was a lazy nurser and content with her paci! She ended up a formula baby. She's an eleven year old healthy girl now. Don't let anyone make you feel bad or like you didn't make the right decision. YOU are her mom and have her best interests at heart! God bless!

  4. Hey miss, I don't know what kind of formula you use, but I have some similac and walmart brand coupons that came in the mail, I will happily send them to you if you can use them :)


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