Adeline"s Birth Story

The last full weekend in June hardly went as planned! But I'm sure every birth story could begin with a comment similar to one like that!

The above photo was taken the night before she was born, the night we headed into the hospital.
{No, I wasn't in labor yet. This photo was taken by my out-of state cousin)

To give you a little background, the weekend I had my love was quite fully booked. Friday night I went to my sister-in-law's personal shower and Saturday evening we went to the wedding rehearsal. Other than a few minor contractions I felt fine and fully intended on going to the wedding Sunday.
After rehearsal Levi went out with the groom and groomsmen (he was asked to stand up) and I went to bed early (thankfully). He got home around 1 I think.
About 2pm I went downstairs for my first ritual mid-night bathroom break. Crawling back into bed my water broke... gushed. I "woke" Levi up and said "I think my water just broke" and he replied about as panicky as I had, "I'll get you water!" I said, "Levi, my water BROKE, I'm going downstairs". In the meantime I called my Douala and midwife and went through a few hours of minor contractions. We arrived at the hospital around 6am. I loved the birth ball, tried walking (didn't work so well), labored in the water a couple hours, and finally around noon decided in an exhausted state and 4 cm dilated that I was done. But these things can't be stopped, even paused, so they gave me a shot to help me sleep.
That lasted a couple hours, a couple hours of sleeping between contractions and being out of it enough during to not get discouraged!
Once that wore off I didn't even want to be checked again for fear of disappointment on my progression. So I went a couple more hours and finally gave in. Kelly (the wonderful nurse) smiled and said, "Ok, give me a push." "And another". At that point I was catching on to what she was saying and was so relieved it was finally the end! I got an adrenalin rush and pushed with my might. Forty minutes later my beautiful baby girl was laid on my chest.

I couldn't stop praising her Maker. I was crying and relieved and how do you even explain? I've never felt anything close to this before. Oh, I was head over heals for my husband at age 14 and have been since, but this is different. It's an all-at-once overtaking love and amazement.

Daddy said he knew Adeline was OK and happy and taken care of and just wanted to make sure I was OK.
So... per request he went to Penn Station and got me some vinegar fries... yummo!
Then he came back and snuggled with his little girl!!

8lb 1oz
20 1/2 inches

Since the wedding started at 5:30 that day we weren't quite able to make it. But the bride and groom came to visit after the wedding!

Grandma and Grandpa came following soon after!
{Grandma Bowman came earlier but I was too out of it to get a photo!}

Headed home...!


  1. I LOVE that the bride & groom came for a visit! not very many would do that. :)

    1. I know... I was thrilled! They'll make great Uncle and Aunt!

  2. such a little sweetheart! She didn't want to be upstaged by a wedding so she decided to just make her appearance on the same day!

    1. What girls won't do for attention! :)


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