Oh Adeline...

Song written by Stephen Kellogg (view youtube video)

If God is love and love is God
Then everything I'm looking for is written in the flesh and blood
If you pay attention, turn off the TV
There is a station beyond your wildest dreams

I'm gonna need a second heart for all this love
I'm gonna need a better answer to the problems of the world
Vivid is my eyesight
It's scary but I'm feeling so alive
And everything is gonna be fine, fine, fine
Fine, fine, fine
Oh, Adeline
I'm so completed now
You have no idea just how
I've been affected
You'll never be neglected
In these arms of mine

There's gonna be a lot of judgments being made
And it's ok cause sometime everyone's afraid
And all the money in the world will never save you
If the people who surround you can't make time
And everything is gonna be fine, fine, fine
Fine, fine, fine
Oh, Adeline

I'm so completed now
You have no idea just how
I've been affected
You'll always be protected
In these arms of mine

Yeah, cause everything is differnet in the world today
People so divided by the things they think abour
God and religion, the promise got broken
I don't need a book when I could stare into your eyes
I see palaces built before and known tongue was spoken
This little light of mine.
I'm gonna let it shine, shine, shine
Shine, shine, shine
Oh Ade..

You have no idea just how
If you're lost you will be found
You will never be without these arms of mine
(I'm so completed now)
In these arms of mine
(You have no idea just how)
In these arms of mine
(If you're lost you will be found)
Oh, in these arms of mine
(You will never be without)
(I'm so completed now)
In these arms of mine
(You have no idea just how)
If you're lost you will be found
You will never be without
You will never be without

So pay attention, turn off the TV
There's nothing on the screen that's not in front of me
If, if love is God and God is love
Then everything that is is everything that ever was

Disclaimer: I mean no disrespect to the creator of my wonderful daughter and all else... I know that my Heavenly Father is all I need. I need nothing more to complete me. I also am more than thankful for the written Word of God and the kingdom He is preparing for us, But who can help but to feel this way a bit when it's your own little one... What a beautiful gift God has given my husband and me.


Not Your Grandma's Cloth Diapers

I'm starting down a new path today. I have made the switch from Huggies/ Pampers {whichever I had coupons for!} to BabyLand cloth diapers.

I'm starting out with 10 and just placed an order for 20 more. They where only $3.20 a piece, inserts included, no shipping!

I looked up several reviews and most people thought they where just great. A few people said they leaked, but don't all diapers at some point? A couple people that had problem with them leaking just switched the inserts to bumGenius but kept the BabyLand nappy and said they no longer had the problem.

These are 3 sizes in 1...

...snaps and microfiber inserts.

I'll post back in a couple weeks with an update on how I like them!

All fixed and ready to go!


Feeding my Baby

My baby girl is growing like a weed. Like a really cute dainty weed,
perhaps Queen Anne's Lace, only even prettier!

From the very first moments of breastfeeding she latched on great. She was a pro, like she had done this all her life {wait...}.
But she was also quite lazy at it. She would fall asleep often and suck very softly. When I took her in at 6 weeks {because she hadn't had a stool in 11 days and was very fussy} her weight gain was low- only 9 oz in 27 days. She should have gained a minimum of 14 oz.
I started supplementing and pumping to try to increase my supply, but after a couple days she would only take the bottle, it was ease for her. And my supply would not increase. It was, in fact, decreasing even though I was doing all I could to increase it. I drank so much water, ate so much oatmeal, protein, etc, and pumped often. I was hoping to give her breast-milk exclusively even if it was through bottle, but it was becoming apparent that wasn't going to be possible. I was only 1oz and she was taking 4oz. I struggled with the emotions of it for a few days and kept pumping, not willing to give it up. But after several tears, guilt for not being able to do what women are "supposed" to be able to naturally do I giving up my plan {which is something I greatly struggle with} and went to formula exclusively. I was OK emotionally at that point. Then I went to buy formula- another meltdown {that stuff is ridiculously priced}... then we where with some friends the next evening; she breastfed- another meltdown...
But thing are better now! Four days after her appointment we took her back for a weight check and she gained 10oz! She had gained more in 4 days than the previous 27 days! That gave me some encouragement along the journey.

{We both love our Moby Wrap.}
Now baby is happy, and Momma is happy!! Last night she even slept 9 hrs for the first night!

Just How My Day Went

Let me tell you all about my day Friday!

So Mom took me to my doctor to see if I'm gaining enough since I had been struggling with that a little. I blew them out of the water when I gained 10oz in 4 days! {I think Mom will tell you more about that in a little while!}

Then as we where leaving Mom and Grandma started talking about Marshalls. It took me a little to catch on that Marshalls is one of those loud places with a whole bunch of people and I don't like those places. So I started saying, "No, no..."

But they kept on driving! I just kept on crying because I knew since Grandma was in the car she would come back and sit with me. Then she did and I was like "YES!" I love it when she does that!

Then we went to Fazoli's and Mommy fed me and I decided to be a really good girl so Mommy and Grandma could eat! Sometimes I don't do that because I like to be held!

...anyways we made it to Marshalls and I was a good girl for a while but Mommy was taking too long so I started to tell her it was time to go. Then Grandma took me outside and Mommy stayed inside. Not exactly what I had in mind... (duh, Mommy, you should know that by now)

... but at least I was outside so I stopped protesting.
Oh, and there was a lady in Marshalls that said "That baby is so cute!" She followed Grandma around asking some questions about me like my weight and everything (I don't know why Mommy and other ladies think that's offensive; I love it when Mommy brags about how much I gained?!) but Grandma was insistent on getting me outside and calmed down! Mommy said later that the lady had come around to the cash registers asking to see me again but I wasn't there! People just think I'm so cute. My goodness...

Then I got really tired and was hoping we would go home soon.

Next thing I knew I woke up in my own house with a bottle waiting. I was quite pleased!

And that is just how my day went! Thanks for letting me tell you!
I think Mommy will be back soon. I'll do my best to not fall asleep when I should so she keeps holding me... that's usually when she does her blogging these days!

Adeline"s Birth Story

The last full weekend in June hardly went as planned! But I'm sure every birth story could begin with a comment similar to one like that!

The above photo was taken the night before she was born, the night we headed into the hospital.
{No, I wasn't in labor yet. This photo was taken by my out-of state cousin)

To give you a little background, the weekend I had my love was quite fully booked. Friday night I went to my sister-in-law's personal shower and Saturday evening we went to the wedding rehearsal. Other than a few minor contractions I felt fine and fully intended on going to the wedding Sunday.
After rehearsal Levi went out with the groom and groomsmen (he was asked to stand up) and I went to bed early (thankfully). He got home around 1 I think.
About 2pm I went downstairs for my first ritual mid-night bathroom break. Crawling back into bed my water broke... gushed. I "woke" Levi up and said "I think my water just broke" and he replied about as panicky as I had, "I'll get you water!" I said, "Levi, my water BROKE, I'm going downstairs". In the meantime I called my Douala and midwife and went through a few hours of minor contractions. We arrived at the hospital around 6am. I loved the birth ball, tried walking (didn't work so well), labored in the water a couple hours, and finally around noon decided in an exhausted state and 4 cm dilated that I was done. But these things can't be stopped, even paused, so they gave me a shot to help me sleep.
That lasted a couple hours, a couple hours of sleeping between contractions and being out of it enough during to not get discouraged!
Once that wore off I didn't even want to be checked again for fear of disappointment on my progression. So I went a couple more hours and finally gave in. Kelly (the wonderful nurse) smiled and said, "Ok, give me a push." "And another". At that point I was catching on to what she was saying and was so relieved it was finally the end! I got an adrenalin rush and pushed with my might. Forty minutes later my beautiful baby girl was laid on my chest.

I couldn't stop praising her Maker. I was crying and relieved and how do you even explain? I've never felt anything close to this before. Oh, I was head over heals for my husband at age 14 and have been since, but this is different. It's an all-at-once overtaking love and amazement.

Daddy said he knew Adeline was OK and happy and taken care of and just wanted to make sure I was OK.
So... per request he went to Penn Station and got me some vinegar fries... yummo!
Then he came back and snuggled with his little girl!!

8lb 1oz
20 1/2 inches

Since the wedding started at 5:30 that day we weren't quite able to make it. But the bride and groom came to visit after the wedding!

Grandma and Grandpa came following soon after!
{Grandma Bowman came earlier but I was too out of it to get a photo!}

Headed home...!