Sweet Baby Girl

She really likes her play mat.

She has some admirers... this wasn't even posed!

Since we don't have internet and I'm busy with Baby girl I probably won't be posting too often. Thanks for understanding!


  1. Seems so silly that not everyone has internet available! It IS 2012 after all! LOL!
    fun to see some more pics of the little darling! Grandma and Grandpa are seriously smitten - and so is daddy!

  2. She is so cute Lauren! I'm sure you are having lots of fun being a mommy :)

  3. aww.. hi sweet baby Adeline! I love you! (and your momma and popppa too :))

  4. Lauren,
    she is just beautiful! And I love the name...perfect. I hope you are having a wonderful time being a mommy :)
    -Amy J.


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