A New Home

Here are a few photos of the new place... and moving in!

We had so much help moving day... so thankful!

Even our little niece was carrying boxes in. She's a tough gal!

Dining room... I was so excited about the open stone fireplace! Slate floor... something I've never seen before; it's growing on me.

Living room... green carpet in all it's glory! At least it's in good condition and clean. But it's soon to be replaced with reclaimed wood. 
I need curtains in here. I saw a couple ideas in an old Country Living magazine... now to decide which one get the material!

Kitchen. Barn siding walls, farm cabinets, I like... My farm decor fits in well! 
I really want light fixtures and new wood flooring here too.
The kitchen island is going to get a makeover. Painted beadboard backing, raised steel bar top on this side, and we got short, chunky legs with little wheels that we're putting it up on.

Getting photos of whole rooms is so hard to get and properly show. There's not really any detail shots, but I feel like I'm still working on it all. But I'm sure that feeling will never go away!

I made kitchen curtains but I still need curtains for all the other rooms! Let me know if you see any cute ideas!

We do have a mudroom/ laundry room, office, 3 bedrooms, and thankfully a bathroom, but I didn't get photos of everything! I just realized I don't have any of the outside of the house either! 

Now I best get going... I feel the need to decorate!

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  1. Lauren, your house is so neat! I do not think I will let hubby see these pictures as I know it would only incur jealousy! lol So glad you got moved in before baby comes. From the last post I was starting to wonder :)


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