39 Weeks

... and ready for this stage of life to be over; even more ready for the next stage to start!
But contentment has called and thankfulness has been commanded, therefore I rest in His peace and grace. 

~He has blessed me with a beautiful pregnancy, one that has been mostly pleasant and completely miraculous.
~He has blessed me with the most wonderful man who has praised me and supported me and even given back rubs and little gifts along the way (like the rose he picked and Jeni's Ice Cream he brought me.
~He has blessed me with the strength to get through each day. And not only to get through but to enjoy the days.
~He has blessed me with promises of forming our little girl just as He desires. (Psalm 139:13-18, Genesis 1:27)
~He has blessed me with wonderful family and friends who have given so much of time and gifts to get ready for a little girl in our home. (She will be well dressed... I won't have to ever do laundry for her, she can just get out the next cute little dress!)
~And all of these blessings reflect the love he has for me, Baby Girl, and her daddy, which is the biggest blessing of all.

I praise you, Father, for what you're doing in our lives.

Next week I should have photos of the nursery. We mostly have it done. The last coat of paint is getting sprayed on the crib tonight and it's getting moved in tomorrow night. Then it'll be time for last touches and photos.
I'm sorry I haven't done too well with getting posts and photos up. We don't have internet at our house so I try to do one or two on my Monday morning Boston Stoker trip.
We have had an exciting and busy last several weeks, without the camera, however, so just take my word for it! 
My brother's wedding is this coming Sunday (yes, my due date is Monday). And (if we make it) I will do my very best to remember the camera.
Have a blessed week... xoxo!

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  1. you are so beautiful and i love that you seeked God through the whole adventure! may God bless you and your precious baby


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