My Baby Shower

Last night these three wonderful friends hosted a Baby Shower for me.

It was open invitation and we had a great turnout.

Above is my family, below is a sneak peak of the bedding. Mom got all the supplies (as well as the sheets, matress cover, a blanket, and curtain) and I made it. I'll show you better once the crib is painted, we're moved, and the nursery is all set up for Baby Girl!

I was so blessed with so many gifts, so so many little outfits!

My sister in law (to be) got Baby Girl her first swimsuit, a sunhat, and a towel for next year's yearly family lake trip.

{Thanks to Kellie and Crystal for helping me out with recording gifts and taking care of trash, etc. Love you both.}

Waiting to get it all put away and set up in the nursery until we're moved and furniture is painted is really trying my patience!

Grandma Hoblit gave a changing pad with a blanket and some hair bows.
Grandma Wagoner gave a crib mattress.

Thanks to all Levi's Aunts (Bowman side), she'll have a child's rocker. Isn't it so cute?

Mom and I are going next week to get our stroller/ car seat set with the money from the shower. I got so many more things, I just couldn't get a photo of them all!!
I am so humbled and blessed by all that came to show love and support. I had such a fun evening! I could hardly sleep last night. For as exhausted as I was, it sure took a while to drift off!

Thanks Abbey, Jenni, and Katelyn for hosting it! You did so great and it was decorated to the tilts! I loved it!


  1. It looks so cute! I knew they would make it so pretty. Can't wait to come over after you are settled and look at all baby girl's fun stuff. :)

  2. Oh how fun! I'm sure it's hard to wait to put every thing away.


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