Ruffled Flower Purse Tutorial

Yesterday I made a purse for my little cousin's birthday.
Allow me to show how I made it!

I cut 1 rectangle piece for the outer piece (big grey piece), 1 rectangle piece (same size) for liner (big pink piece), 1 small square for inner pocket (small grey piece), 1 long strip for handle, and 1 long strip for the ruffled flower.

I started by sewing the handle. With right sides together, sew along the long side and one short side.

Then flip it so it's right side out.

Iron and top stitch.

I did the same with the ruffle piece (besides top stitch, but that's optional). Then make a ruffle stitch and cinch it up.

Pin to outer piece so it will be centered in front. Sew down.
Then I took the time to rip out the gathering stitch... 

Hem pocket piece and attach to liner, making sure to keep it centered across and towards the top.

Sew inner piece by folding in half, right sides together, and up the sides. Do the same with outer piece.
{Sorry I forgot to get a photo of this step.}

Pin handle to sides of outer piece. 
Pin liner (right side to right side of outer piece) and sew, making sure to leave a decent size gap to turn right side out.
Sew, then flip and tuck in liner.

Iron and top stitch.

Ta-Dah! It's as simple as that! 
And thanks to fabric scraps this gift cost me only a little time!

Let me know if you decide to make one!

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