Michigan Trip

A couple weekends ago I went to Michigan.  
Since there was never a senior trip for us (mostly home schooled), even though there was much talk of taking one eventually, we decided it was finally time. Since Courtney is getting married, Bree moving to Thailand for 8 months of schooling, and a me being great with child, this spring seemed to be the right time!

So we took off Wednesday evening and got to the cabin late that night. The following day we did a little "shopping" (everything was closed for the season) and visited the beach.

{I'm going to miss you, Bree. Have a blessed trip. 
I'll show photos of you to Baby Girl so she'll recognize you when you get home!}

The next two days will filled up. 
We were so busy with things like snacking, chick flicks, games, giggling, and pajamas. I think we all remembered to take a shower sometime in there! We watched part of The Truth Project by Focus on the Family and sang our theme song.

Sadly enough, Sunday morning rolled around and after getting the breakfast, cabin cleaned, and water heater drained, we finally pulled out from Paradise and got home that evening.
This trip was so fun and it was so great to connect to all of them again! I love you Hanah, Abbey, Courtney, and Bree! Blessings to you as God leads you on your path!

Read more about our trip on Bree's blog. She has 4 post on it:

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