Courtney's Personal Shower

Miss Courtney is becoming a wife. I'm so thrilled for her and all God has brought her though!

And we all know we can't have a wedding without a Personal Shower. {Song of Solomon might mention it somewhere...}

So that's just what we did for her. I didn't get too many photos since I was busy eating hosting, but we had a  Pasta-Pesto salad, Arugula-Pear salad, and homemade bread with dipping oils for supper. More importantly we had Strawberry-Rhubarb Hand Pies, Sugar Cookies, and Tiramisu Brownie Bites with hot tea and coffee for desserts.

It was a perfect evening outside, which we were blessed for, this being Ohio and all.

We played a few games such as guess the missing ingredient and no saying the words "Honeymoon", "Wedding", or "Clark" {that is the groom's name for those wondering!} Of course these words came with consequences and Courtney was caught quite often. Needless to say, she did not win that game and I'd be worried if she had!

She received many pretty gowns, beautifully scented lotions and perfumes and...

her bridal shoes! {Dare I say we made her cry?!} She wanted ballerina slippers but wasn't willing to pay the price so her friends stepped up! 

We love you, Courtney! 
Blessings on your marriage. I know you and Clark will paint a beautiful picture of Christ and His love for His bride for this world who desperately needs it.

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