32 Weeks of Pregnancy

I can't believe I am already at 32 weeks along with sweet Baby Girl.

I've been feeling so great that I sometimes forget I'm pregnant; but usually just for a second until I have to breath so deeply or can't bend over to get what I just dropped {I'm always dropping things} or, like a couple nights ago, I plop down on my bed, belly first, out of exhaustion, {and my legs spring back up}, forgetting there is a hard belly in the way- that wasn't so comfortable. But other than the obvious things like those, I'm feeling great! 

I've been staying busy with all the packing and planning of our new house. We just got the keys yesterday and we went up to see it for a little for the first time! {I forgot the camera but we'll be going back a lot in the days to come.} All the rooms seem so little, but moving from a 6 bedroom farmhouse with a large kitchen, 2 large family rooms... (you get the point) to a 3 bedroom farmhouse with only 1 family room, of course it'll seem little. But there is plenty of room for a family of three and beyond!

I'm so excited for my baby shower this Thursday night. It's open, so come one, come all! 
It's at Smith's Coffeehouse in Arcanum from 6:30-8:30! See you then!


Ruffled Flower Purse Tutorial

Yesterday I made a purse for my little cousin's birthday.
Allow me to show how I made it!

I cut 1 rectangle piece for the outer piece (big grey piece), 1 rectangle piece (same size) for liner (big pink piece), 1 small square for inner pocket (small grey piece), 1 long strip for handle, and 1 long strip for the ruffled flower.

I started by sewing the handle. With right sides together, sew along the long side and one short side.

Then flip it so it's right side out.

Iron and top stitch.

I did the same with the ruffle piece (besides top stitch, but that's optional). Then make a ruffle stitch and cinch it up.

Pin to outer piece so it will be centered in front. Sew down.
Then I took the time to rip out the gathering stitch... 

Hem pocket piece and attach to liner, making sure to keep it centered across and towards the top.

Sew inner piece by folding in half, right sides together, and up the sides. Do the same with outer piece.
{Sorry I forgot to get a photo of this step.}

Pin handle to sides of outer piece. 
Pin liner (right side to right side of outer piece) and sew, making sure to leave a decent size gap to turn right side out.
Sew, then flip and tuck in liner.

Iron and top stitch.

Ta-Dah! It's as simple as that! 
And thanks to fabric scraps this gift cost me only a little time!

Let me know if you decide to make one!


Courtney's Personal Shower

Miss Courtney is becoming a wife. I'm so thrilled for her and all God has brought her though!

And we all know we can't have a wedding without a Personal Shower. {Song of Solomon might mention it somewhere...}

So that's just what we did for her. I didn't get too many photos since I was busy eating hosting, but we had a  Pasta-Pesto salad, Arugula-Pear salad, and homemade bread with dipping oils for supper. More importantly we had Strawberry-Rhubarb Hand Pies, Sugar Cookies, and Tiramisu Brownie Bites with hot tea and coffee for desserts.

It was a perfect evening outside, which we were blessed for, this being Ohio and all.

We played a few games such as guess the missing ingredient and no saying the words "Honeymoon", "Wedding", or "Clark" {that is the groom's name for those wondering!} Of course these words came with consequences and Courtney was caught quite often. Needless to say, she did not win that game and I'd be worried if she had!

She received many pretty gowns, beautifully scented lotions and perfumes and...

her bridal shoes! {Dare I say we made her cry?!} She wanted ballerina slippers but wasn't willing to pay the price so her friends stepped up! 

We love you, Courtney! 
Blessings on your marriage. I know you and Clark will paint a beautiful picture of Christ and His love for His bride for this world who desperately needs it.


Michigan Trip

A couple weekends ago I went to Michigan.  
Since there was never a senior trip for us (mostly home schooled), even though there was much talk of taking one eventually, we decided it was finally time. Since Courtney is getting married, Bree moving to Thailand for 8 months of schooling, and a me being great with child, this spring seemed to be the right time!

So we took off Wednesday evening and got to the cabin late that night. The following day we did a little "shopping" (everything was closed for the season) and visited the beach.

{I'm going to miss you, Bree. Have a blessed trip. 
I'll show photos of you to Baby Girl so she'll recognize you when you get home!}

The next two days will filled up. 
We were so busy with things like snacking, chick flicks, games, giggling, and pajamas. I think we all remembered to take a shower sometime in there! We watched part of The Truth Project by Focus on the Family and sang our theme song.

Sadly enough, Sunday morning rolled around and after getting the breakfast, cabin cleaned, and water heater drained, we finally pulled out from Paradise and got home that evening.
This trip was so fun and it was so great to connect to all of them again! I love you Hanah, Abbey, Courtney, and Bree! Blessings to you as God leads you on your path!

Read more about our trip on Bree's blog. She has 4 post on it:


29 Weeks

Feeling great and anxious...

We're planning to move from town to country next month so I've been getting some things done pre-move such as Baby bedding and wedding dresses (like the one above. We're singing in a wedding in a couple weeks)
I'll show photos of bedding when it's all complete and crib is painted... don't worry! I can't wait for Baby Girl to be here and tell me if she likes her new home!!

I just needed to share this with you. Is this lace ruffle romper the cutest? GASP!!

It can be found here for at least a couple more days. I love Zulily! You need to check it out if you've never heard of it, they have some amazing deals!

Also... my baby shower is May 3rd at Smith Coffeehouse in Arcanum 6:30pm-8:30pm. All is welcome!! Hope to see you there!!