25 Weeks

Yesterday marked my 25th week! Getting rather impatient to meet Baby Girl. We've been thinking and talking about names. Although we had a couple boy names picked out we couldn't come up with anything for girl names, but I think we may be getting closer... I've been saying it to Levi to try and get him used to it. He's been calling her things like Gertrude and Gretta... We'll see what we come up with! Hehe

We're in FL this week and quite enjoying it. I've been snacking on fresh strawberries, chocolate, and sparkling water in the afternoons as I sit by the pool and enjoy the sunshine (and old people!) This warm weather makes me want to plant (and eat from) the garden!!

We're thinking of spending a couple extra days somewhere after the job is over... any ideas? We've thought of the beach; Savannah, Georgia; and the Carolina's.


  1. being pregnant looks beautiful on you dear! (:

  2. I think Gretta is perfectly respectable, for the record, and worthy of appellative consideration.

  3. I love the name Gretta! Seriously I do. Jeni of 'Jeni's IceCream' named her daughter Gretta and I thought it was the cutest name:)

  4. You are looking quite beautiful!
    **I vote for the beach :)

  5. This is such a cute photo! Adorable dress & belt! You look stunning & really neat idea for announcing what week you are! Creative!


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