25 Weeks

Yesterday marked my 25th week! Getting rather impatient to meet Baby Girl. We've been thinking and talking about names. Although we had a couple boy names picked out we couldn't come up with anything for girl names, but I think we may be getting closer... I've been saying it to Levi to try and get him used to it. He's been calling her things like Gertrude and Gretta... We'll see what we come up with! Hehe

We're in FL this week and quite enjoying it. I've been snacking on fresh strawberries, chocolate, and sparkling water in the afternoons as I sit by the pool and enjoy the sunshine (and old people!) This warm weather makes me want to plant (and eat from) the garden!!

We're thinking of spending a couple extra days somewhere after the job is over... any ideas? We've thought of the beach; Savannah, Georgia; and the Carolina's.


Coffee Filter Wreath

My 70s wood paneling room needs white!
The other day I made a coffee filter wreath, very easy, believe me! My 11 year old niece and 10 year old nephew taught me how to make these!

I just cut a wreath shape from cardboard but you could use a foam wreath or any other shape or item!

Attache a ribbon to hang it with. I used hot glue, my all time favorite adhesive!

Scrunch 1 coffee filter

Twist the bottom...

And hot glue around the inside and outside edges of cardboard. Fill in the middle as full as you delight, I filled in just enough so no cardboard would show, but there was still some wiggle room.

I love the whiteness and lacy-ness of my new wreath. What do you think?


Baby Girl is 24 weeks

I can't believe Baby Girl is already 24 weeks along today, over halfway!!! I've finally started taking weekly photos... I really should have started sooner! I'll do my best to keep you all updated on pregnancy progression!

We are so thrilled to have a little girl!
When I went in for my "20" week ultrasound they couldn't hear her heartbeat and kept commenting on how tiny I was for 20 weeks. They did an office ultrasound and I was told I was only 13 weeks along but to go ahead with my scheduled ultrasound and they would be able to confirm the new due date. I had my ultrasound and they measured me at 15 weeks, which now makes complete sense. This puts my due date at June 25th, the day after my brother's wedding!
I was so relieved that Baby was healthy and growing and didn't even think about being sad or disappointed that I wasn't as far along as I thought! But I was a little disappointed we couldn't find out Baby's gender that day, as we were planning on!

About 19 weeks I felt a little flutter like nothing I had ever felt before, so very faintly! It took a couple days to convince myself it was actually Baby!
Our real 20 weeks came around soon and we found her out! I was so delighted to see her moving around and was anxious to feel her again. It only took another day or two until she started moving and I've felt her every day since. It's such delight! I only hope she sits more still in church once she's born than she did this last Sunday!
I've been feeling great, with lots of energy and creativity back. Pintrest and I have a love/ hate relationship. I LOVE it and HATE how much time I spend on it! I'll clue you in soon on a few things I've done recently. I haven't started on anything baby yet other than ideas and pins.
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See you soon!