The Event!

... is only a couple days away... I can't believe it! I have one last day at "home" {A day filled with errands} before set up day!
To find directions, more information, and gather some excitement, visit McMaster and Storm and Sew a Fine Seam. They're worth visiting regardless!
Sorry I have no pictures for the post, I know it's the next thing to a sin, but things have been crazy around here; pricing until midnight, blowing up air compressors while "Spray Painting" a coffee table for the Event... you know, the common things that go on before events like this!
Have a good couple of days and I'll see you here soon!


As Promised...

Here is more information on the Brick Farmhouse Event!

I hope you ALL can make it. I will be well worth your time.

Here is a tentative list of the vendors:
*McMaster & Storm- Kara Garber
*Consider the Lilies (flowers, wreaths, moss balls, etc.) Wendy Lavy
*Josephine Candle Co. {pure natural simplicity} - Amber Schmerge
*Latina {Fresh Mexican Cuisine} Garreth & Athena Beachler
*Sew a Fine Seam Jill Flory
*M. Blooms - Marcy Crabtree
*Market Snacks - Gina Rapp
*Speciality Sauces & Dips - Judy Flory
*Vintage & Antique Finds - Bill & Mary Kate Peters
*Fresh Baked Treats & Sweets - Wanda Eikenberry
*Graced {Vintage Home Touches} {That's us!}

For some fun photos about the event visit Sew a Fine Seam and McMaster and Storm.

Ok, 'nuf said... I have to go paint, plan, and brainstorm!