Another Tea

My California cousin (front, right) came out last week

and I hosted a tea for her!

We had Shrimp Salad, cheese dip with crackers and baguettes, fruit and dip, deviled eggs, red velvet cake roll, German Chocolate cake, and Chocolate Fondue with strawberries, tea cookies, and pretzels.

This is little Bella. She's so cute!

We dressed up to the hiltz with gloves, hats, purses, and jewelry!

Sorry I don't have too many photos of the food or setting... I was more focusing on having fun. And that we did!



Spring time!!!
Chick time...
We just got 29 layers and 25 for meat!
In fact, we're getting 4 layers this afternoon that are about ready... I can't wait!

I'm so thankful that God has provided the time, and shown me priorities in life. It's not all about getting ahead, it's about being who He has called you to be. As a housewife, I want to be a housewife. I want to be able to work in our garden, put veggies away, learn about nature, take care of chicks (once they loose the cuteness, I'm not so sure!) I love having time to have a supper ready when Levi gets home from work, pack his lunch, have the house clean, help my friends, whatever it is He has laid out for me for the day.

I am truly blessed and I thank Jesus for providing a life of freedom and slower pace as the world is buzzing around me.

Last year was quite different and I learned alot as well. Adjusting to marriage, holding a job, tending the garden, all these things and others kept my life hopping. I was tired, I was worn, and I was any other average American trying to stay ontop of it ALL.

Then I prayed, and He answered.

Thank you, Jesus!


Tea Party

Last weekend I had a Tea Party for 3 little girls! It was such fun...

As Abbey said, I think I had as much or more fun that them!! :)

I got our dressing room all decorated up with dress up stuff that i borrowed from my aunt.

None of them knew each other so they were a little shy at first, but they were giggling non stop just a couple hours later.

(Isn't Belle such a poser?!)

Jenni came to do Mary Kay makeovers. The girls we in high heaven!

Just a tip: if you ever have a fancy meal for young girls, think really simple, like BLTs, potato salad, deviled eggs, cheese, and fruit with dip. Then... take it even simpler to PB&J and oreos! I thought I was going simple with the first menu, but they didn't eat much of it! That's OK, Levi and I have been enjoying the potato salad leftovers! This plate, with everything on it, is of course mine!

We had a photo shoot that night.

Then we got in PJs for some movies and popcorn.

The following day, I went and got photos developed and the little girls scrapbooked the pictures from the night before. They were all very talented at it; I was quite impressed!

Belle's cloth diapers

My little girl is growing up...

{Said in part for my dear brother who just loves talking about/ to amimals as if they were humans, a part of the family!}

Don't worry, Mom, you can still call her your grand-doggy!

I know the diper makes her look a bit like a baby, but really it's a sign of growing up in the doggy world...

See, they don't make doggy pads or anything of the sort, so they are forced to wear diapers, much to Belle's dismay.

She didn't seem to mind to much at the beginning. I'm not too great at making my own patterns so as I was making this I had to have her try it on several times in the process. I would call her name and she would walk over to me, let me put on her diaper, and just stand there as I was pinning and making the adjustments. Then, when I was finished, I would lower the diaper to the floor and she would step out and lay down, as if she was waiting for the next fitting. She did this several times and even let me put it on her when it was finished. After about 3 hours, she realized it was on for good and she wasn't so thrilled. She puts up with a couple hours of her darling pink houndstooth coat my Mother-in-law made for her, but days in a row with several hours in a diaper is not her thing!

Haiti Mar.2011

{Isn't my niece the sweetest thing?!}

On our way to Haiti, we stopped for the weekend in Flordia to see where my Grandparents (the couple on the left) spend their winters.

We played dominos about every night and went to bed about 8:30 or 9!

Once in Haiti, we stopped for a little at His Home for Children, and orphanage there where my niece is waiting on her adoption to be finalized. Here, Levi is reading her a letter from Owen, her cousin!

Lovens has so much spirit. He can't use his legs, so get gets around on skateboard. But, nevertheless, he is so happy.
After traveling a couple hours, and walking about 15 min up the mountain, we finally arrived at Clint and Brenda's home.

Doing laundry.

Making coffee.

They guys hiked up the mountains for a few days to pass out Bible story books. They came home a couple days early because Levi got pretty sick, which is a story in itself.

Dried fish at Market.

Market in the mountains, which I like better than Market in town. It has a breeze and there is no sewer running down the streets.

Since they don't have electric up the mountains, there are these charging businesses that use solar panels. Alot of people have pay ahead cell phones that they use.

This is a loaded tap-tap, which is public transportation.

Clint's garden

School morning, raising the flag.

Playing "football"

Brenda's Kitchen.

I don't know where to start with the experience. So I tried to show a few photos and just explain them. It's really hard to accurately share with words something like Haiti. If you have any questions about it, fell free to ask and I'll be willing to share as best as I can.