I am going to ramble.

Mainly because I have a lot of things to say and don't feel like doing 10 seperate post.

So I am going to ramble!

First off, Belle is cutely odd. The other day she was scratching at our DVD cupboard. I opened it for her. She hopped on in and took a seat. There is nothing more to say on that.

On a more important note, Levi and I are leaving for Bronx, NYC tomorrow morning for mission work. We'll be there and home some within the next 5 weeks. We'll be home for Christmas and in a much more real sence than just our dreams...

But please pray for us.

I am a little nervous. Not only will we neither one have jobs, yet still have the bills at home and living expenses there, but we also need to be saving up for something that will be here around May. Do you have any ideas?


I will tell you...

In a minute because I also want to say I miss summer. This was the first laundry day in a long time that I couldn't hang my cleans on the line...

I am happy to say I survived without crying.

Ok, Levi and I are going to be parents. YYYEEEEEE-HHHAAAAWWWW! We are rather excited! Pray for us with that as well. Our maturity has been questioned by a certain person, and a few others too!

For some reason!

I have been feeling pretty well, VERY tired, but not too sick. Thanking God for that!

Thanks for hearing me out! Have a blessed week!