Dreams do come true.
I've always liked little things, trinkets; I was a collector growing up! Everytime my mom made a dress I had to dig in the trash can to find even the littlest peices of fabric. She threw stuff away often, which was wonderful because I liked digging in the trash can and finding things. I would come out from around the kitchen with arms full of junk and jaw dropped saying, "Mom! Mooommm, Oh, there you are. Why did you throw THIS away? And this? And Oh, this, Mom, I can't wait I'm going to make... out of it and you just wait!"
For my 10th birthday I got a box full of papers, scissors, pens, stickers, and more and I've never been more delighted!

Anyways, allow me to introduce what I call "Graced"
This is my outlet, it's all new and exciting. It will one day soon {Lord willing and all} turn into an Etsy site. But for now, I'm working toward the Brick Farmhouse Event presented by the adorable McMaster and Storm.

Levi and I have been searching, thinking, creating. He is such an amazing help at this because he has the talent in the shop and wonderful ideas too! Thanks, pumpkin'!

Kara {of McMaster and Storm} has been absolutely great through all this too. When I called about setting up shop she immediately took me right in. She's even patient and quick to reply all my emails about every little detail. {Sorry and thanks, dearest Kara}

The ONLY thing I'm not fond of about this line of work is the messes, and yet it still gives me a rush!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll have more information for the Brick Farmhouse event up very soon, I promise.

Here's a few links that I wanted to post but having some issues. {What's up with blogger's hyperlink problem?}
The flyer and blog post for Brick Farmhouse Event:
McMaster and Storm blog. Share some love:

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  1. Oooooh, those flowers are GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see what you have created!


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