The Chickens' Last Cluck

Poor chickens...

At least I convinced Levi to let William live at least a few more days (he could stand a little more meat on his bones and love from his caretaker.

(William is the ONLY chicken I can tell apart from the other 53 chickens we have. He has some black spots. I always take a few moment out of my day to tell him how I've been, pet him just a bit, etc. But I'm not a very good friend because I don't really listen to what he has to cluck. And I could clean out his pin a little more often. That is one thing I don't like about William and like-creatures.

Anyhow, back to the butcher shop (garage with tarp down since we live in town and not sure if we are even allowed to have, let alone butcher, chickens here!)

We hung the chickens on a wire by their feet over a trash can for the redness to drip into, so we didn't have to clean up THAT from our garage. Then we slit their throats. (Mainly just Levi did this part. Well, OK. Levi was the only one who did this part, even though Mom and I took our turns at holding the chickens up for him. That's something, right?) And yes, I am refusing to say the bl**d word just so I can stay in my upright position, I'm quirky like that!

Then I'd ask the good Lord to allow me to keep standing and stay conscious even though there was redness oozing. Ya know what?! He did... he showed me mercy and it really wasn't that bad; it's amazing what He'll do for you if ya just ask. Seems as if I'd learn.

Here, the nameless chicken is oozing over the trashcan, after flopping and breaking his wings.

The next thing you must do is act tough. And have your mother in law tell you to stop taking so many pictures. "This is work, Lauren!" OK... put the camera down!

OOp... oh! She's outside, grab a few more, just cause it's so memorable and mersite-in'

Get husband to pose.

OK now really you do have to finish the process. Next you scald the chicken by dipping it in and out of 180 degree water a few times. This loosens the feather so its easier on ya!

Then you take all the big feathers off and toss to your mother in law and nephew.

There will still be some pin feathers on the chicken (like little tubes that hold in the big feathers.

Take the pin feathers out. Ask for patience, take more out. Repeat.

Then you cut up the chicken. But I didn't take any pictures cause I mighta been told not too! "Too much work to do"

Anyways, maybe next time! (We still have 16 left to say goodbye to)

Stay tuned, or don't if you aren't interested in the inner working of chickens!


But I'll try to be nice!

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  1. :) Great post Laur... except even i was about grossed out by the whole butchering process.. ugggg... TEARS:/ LOL!! :) love you


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