Tea Party

Last weekend I had a Tea Party for 3 little girls! It was such fun...

As Abbey said, I think I had as much or more fun that them!! :)

I got our dressing room all decorated up with dress up stuff that i borrowed from my aunt.

None of them knew each other so they were a little shy at first, but they were giggling non stop just a couple hours later.

(Isn't Belle such a poser?!)

Jenni came to do Mary Kay makeovers. The girls we in high heaven!

Just a tip: if you ever have a fancy meal for young girls, think really simple, like BLTs, potato salad, deviled eggs, cheese, and fruit with dip. Then... take it even simpler to PB&J and oreos! I thought I was going simple with the first menu, but they didn't eat much of it! That's OK, Levi and I have been enjoying the potato salad leftovers! This plate, with everything on it, is of course mine!

We had a photo shoot that night.

Then we got in PJs for some movies and popcorn.

The following day, I went and got photos developed and the little girls scrapbooked the pictures from the night before. They were all very talented at it; I was quite impressed!

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