Haiti Mar.2011

{Isn't my niece the sweetest thing?!}

On our way to Haiti, we stopped for the weekend in Flordia to see where my Grandparents (the couple on the left) spend their winters.

We played dominos about every night and went to bed about 8:30 or 9!

Once in Haiti, we stopped for a little at His Home for Children, and orphanage there where my niece is waiting on her adoption to be finalized. Here, Levi is reading her a letter from Owen, her cousin!

Lovens has so much spirit. He can't use his legs, so get gets around on skateboard. But, nevertheless, he is so happy.
After traveling a couple hours, and walking about 15 min up the mountain, we finally arrived at Clint and Brenda's home.

Doing laundry.

Making coffee.

They guys hiked up the mountains for a few days to pass out Bible story books. They came home a couple days early because Levi got pretty sick, which is a story in itself.

Dried fish at Market.

Market in the mountains, which I like better than Market in town. It has a breeze and there is no sewer running down the streets.

Since they don't have electric up the mountains, there are these charging businesses that use solar panels. Alot of people have pay ahead cell phones that they use.

This is a loaded tap-tap, which is public transportation.

Clint's garden

School morning, raising the flag.

Playing "football"

Brenda's Kitchen.

I don't know where to start with the experience. So I tried to show a few photos and just explain them. It's really hard to accurately share with words something like Haiti. If you have any questions about it, fell free to ask and I'll be willing to share as best as I can.

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  1. You amaze me! I wish i could experience the things you have..it is astounding! I'm very proud of you my dear Lauren....God is truly working through you! LOVE you always


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