Belle's cloth diapers

My little girl is growing up...

{Said in part for my dear brother who just loves talking about/ to amimals as if they were humans, a part of the family!}

Don't worry, Mom, you can still call her your grand-doggy!

I know the diper makes her look a bit like a baby, but really it's a sign of growing up in the doggy world...

See, they don't make doggy pads or anything of the sort, so they are forced to wear diapers, much to Belle's dismay.

She didn't seem to mind to much at the beginning. I'm not too great at making my own patterns so as I was making this I had to have her try it on several times in the process. I would call her name and she would walk over to me, let me put on her diaper, and just stand there as I was pinning and making the adjustments. Then, when I was finished, I would lower the diaper to the floor and she would step out and lay down, as if she was waiting for the next fitting. She did this several times and even let me put it on her when it was finished. After about 3 hours, she realized it was on for good and she wasn't so thrilled. She puts up with a couple hours of her darling pink houndstooth coat my Mother-in-law made for her, but days in a row with several hours in a diaper is not her thing!

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