The event with the Wagoners I talked about happened a couple weeks ago! However, many other things have happened the last couple weeks and I haven't had time to blog about it... Here's a taste of the preparations and I'll get the actually LUNCHEON photos up soon, I promise!
Here is the invitation:

The weekend Abbey came over, we made most of the food just to test it and get to know the recipes since I had never made them before.

I dried hydrangeas and had roses from my wedding all ready for the setting.

The food turned out wonderfully and believe me, it tasted yummy! Here's a few things that we made. If you want recipes, let me know!

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Preparations we a lot of fun, but the luncheon was more fun... Stay tuned!
Thank you for being so patient!


Wonderful Weekend!

We spent a weekend a few weeks ago and took the Jamison's to Daniel Boone National Forest in KY.

Steve Gipe and Katy Marconnett helped us get this up. It started one day at work. Steve, Levi, and I thought it'd be fun to get Pam to go backpacking since the rest of her family liked it. We thought that if we told her we were taking them somewhere for the weekend and didn't tell her where, she would be excited and then have to go backpacking!

Well the closer we got to the event the more excited Pam got. Steve and I were talking at work and started feeling bad, knowing she wouldn't like it! So that day I found a cabin near the area and booked it.

We did day hiking but momma was happy because she had a shower and mattress!

She was even happier when we stopped at the new Cincinnati outlets on the way home!

{Levi and I bought matching converse tennis shoes!} We're a team!

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With a Dear...

Oh, Abbey, you're a dear.

Levi had to work {non stop} last weekend, so I spent the weekend with this doll:

She arrived at my house Friday night and we cooked for my "event" {post to come} coming up on Monday. We stayed up til about 4am cooking, tasting, and watching these intelligent people, and chatting.

Saturday we went to World Threads, Live Love. Scrap, and the little Tipp City stores and gobbled down a large beef sandwich with two sides at Hickory River, no problem. We are not afraid to eat.

I repeat.
We are NOT afraid to eat.
{remember what I just said about the night before}

When we were younger and she would stay at my house, we would sneak down to the pantry and eat. Then we would gather all the snacks that would fit in a walmart bag and carry them upstairs. Once we even make a full blown breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and OJ while my light-sleeper of a Mother lay awake in the room next door. I always wanted the bedroom next to the kitchen.

And now I have that! {I say this while munching on popcorn... buttery popcorn}

Now, off the bunny trail and onto the time with Abbey.

More shopping...
That evening we were going to Frisbee golf with Scott and Levi but unfortunately Levi had to work more. So I became a third wheel and hung out with Scott and Abbey, and stayed with her that night as well.
Sunday we all four rode horses!Very good... VERY good weekend

{Aside from the fact that I wasn't able to be with Hubby all weekend until Sunday night.
But good weekend none the less!
Thanks for asking!