The Luncheon, finally

I just took a good long break... (not that I'm coming off of it!) Life gets hectic, you know!

Sometimes I need breaks from hobbies because they tend to become a task list in themselves.

I like to blog.

I like to scrapbook.

I like to organize, decorate.

I even am enjoying cooking quite a bit now days.

But when I feel like I have to keep up on all these things, I tend to get a touch grouchy at them, and tired, and stressed.

Therefore, I took a break!

Back to the subject. Here are some photos of the luncheon that I had promised.

We had lunch out back under the grape harbor, beside the garden.

Did I share why I did this? I can't remember?

So I'll assume I didn't and give you a quick deal-ee-O!

I live where my Mom was raised. (My grandpa was raised there as well!)

I decided to have a luncheon with Grandma, Aunt Judy, Aunt Carla, and Mom. I had them each invite 2 friends that would have been in the house a lot as teenagers!

I had such fun setting up the scene!

We started out inside with appetizers and a house tour.

Consisting of:
Fresh Fruit Salsa and homemade chips and a fruit mixture glazed with honey and lime.

I told them I wouldn't let them out of any room without at least one memory being shared (aside from, of course, the water closet, which at least half replied with "O I could tell a story about in there!"). I nearly had to shove them out of each room; they had SO many memories!

This is a photo that Sue shared with me. It's her and Aunt Judy. (Aunt Carla is in the back pouting because they wouldn't let her in the photo!

Nancy Wagoner, Mom, and Kay Flora

Aunt Carla invited Ruth King and Bev Bowman

Aunt Judy invited Dianne Rogers and Sue Flory

Sue and Aunt Judy had to dig through Aunt Carla's wallpaper to find Aunt Judy's.

When I finally got then out of the house, we went out back for lunch.

We had tea and water... served bread with oil while reading through Proverbs 31

Enjoyed some Pea Salad, Potato Salad, and Fresh Grilled Corn Salad.

I used a couple sprigs of fresh lavender with a tag for name places.

I have a thing for vintage linens. So for privacy, since we're in town, as well for feel, I hung some on the line.

We had such a great time. I loved hearing all the stories, and they still come to me at different areas of the house, different times of day, whenever they most apply.

For dessert Frosty Carmel, Chocolate, and Pecan Torte and Rugelach Cookies.

From back left, and around:
Ruth King, Dianne Rogers, Bev Bowman, Sue Flory, Nancy Wagoner, Aunt Carla King, Aunt Judy Landes, Grandma Hazel Wagoner, Lisa Hoblit {my dear mother}, and Kay Flora

To top it all off, Bev and Aunt Carla showed us their little secret handshake... Mmmm... I really wonder!

Thank you ladies for coming and making this such a wonderful highlight of 2010.

I can't believe the year is nearly up.

Here I am posting about gardens, fresh fruit, and outside when it's Christmas time.

Maybe I'll get some Winter shots up soon!