Wonderful Weekend!

We spent a weekend a few weeks ago and took the Jamison's to Daniel Boone National Forest in KY.

Steve Gipe and Katy Marconnett helped us get this up. It started one day at work. Steve, Levi, and I thought it'd be fun to get Pam to go backpacking since the rest of her family liked it. We thought that if we told her we were taking them somewhere for the weekend and didn't tell her where, she would be excited and then have to go backpacking!

Well the closer we got to the event the more excited Pam got. Steve and I were talking at work and started feeling bad, knowing she wouldn't like it! So that day I found a cabin near the area and booked it.

We did day hiking but momma was happy because she had a shower and mattress!

She was even happier when we stopped at the new Cincinnati outlets on the way home!

{Levi and I bought matching converse tennis shoes!} We're a team!

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  1. Wow. Matching converse shoes. Will you get matching Hawaiian shirts, too?


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