With a Dear...

Oh, Abbey, you're a dear.

Levi had to work {non stop} last weekend, so I spent the weekend with this doll:

She arrived at my house Friday night and we cooked for my "event" {post to come} coming up on Monday. We stayed up til about 4am cooking, tasting, and watching these intelligent people, and chatting.

Saturday we went to World Threads, Live Love. Scrap, and the little Tipp City stores and gobbled down a large beef sandwich with two sides at Hickory River, no problem. We are not afraid to eat.

I repeat.
We are NOT afraid to eat.
{remember what I just said about the night before}

When we were younger and she would stay at my house, we would sneak down to the pantry and eat. Then we would gather all the snacks that would fit in a walmart bag and carry them upstairs. Once we even make a full blown breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and OJ while my light-sleeper of a Mother lay awake in the room next door. I always wanted the bedroom next to the kitchen.

And now I have that! {I say this while munching on popcorn... buttery popcorn}

Now, off the bunny trail and onto the time with Abbey.

More shopping...
That evening we were going to Frisbee golf with Scott and Levi but unfortunately Levi had to work more. So I became a third wheel and hung out with Scott and Abbey, and stayed with her that night as well.
Sunday we all four rode horses!Very good... VERY good weekend

{Aside from the fact that I wasn't able to be with Hubby all weekend until Sunday night.
But good weekend none the less!
Thanks for asking!


  1. I love that you and your best friend used to eat together in the middle of the night as kiddies - my best friend and I used to do the exact same thing - slumber parties filled with midnight snacks ;) Now we both have bambinos so we dont do as much staying awake and eating but oh - how sweet the memories are!

  2. Love that idea...about turning an old book into a scrapbook! You'll have to post it when it's finished, for sure :)


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