The event with the Wagoners I talked about happened a couple weeks ago! However, many other things have happened the last couple weeks and I haven't had time to blog about it... Here's a taste of the preparations and I'll get the actually LUNCHEON photos up soon, I promise!
Here is the invitation:

The weekend Abbey came over, we made most of the food just to test it and get to know the recipes since I had never made them before.

I dried hydrangeas and had roses from my wedding all ready for the setting.

The food turned out wonderfully and believe me, it tasted yummy! Here's a few things that we made. If you want recipes, let me know!

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Preparations we a lot of fun, but the luncheon was more fun... Stay tuned!
Thank you for being so patient!


  1. that bread looks fabulous!!! can i get the recipe for it and the rugelach?? im not sure what it is but it looks yummy!! thanks!!
    --ashley (va)

  2. hello lauren! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog post.




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