Wagoner Birthdays

Every 4 months the Wagoner family gets together for birthdays.
We just went to my Uncle Stan and Aunt Judy's home for a campfire,
visit to the turkey farm, and darlingly decorated birthday event!
{is "darlingly" a word? YES. It is. Because I just used it.}

We played outdoor games,

ate food... and had a candy table with candy left from my cousin's wedding.
We enjoyed our new gifts and watching Aylah feed her new "guckie".

We rode in the back of Uncle Stan's pickup to the turkey farm,

and held week old turkeys.

{notice how Gentri {the darling in the lower right hand corner of above collage} is holding the poor turkey. and how "Grandpa" teaches Aylah {the darling in the lower left hand corner of above collage} to old a dead turkey in her DRESS... of all things. Her mother would be appalled.}

I absolutely love my family.
I am so blessed, I really am!

And just wait... I'm holding an event with my Wagoner family
and it's going to be...




I have a count down of 13 days. I've been planning, brainstorming, and loosing sleep due to extensive dreaming about the event.

But really, don't get your hopes up! It's just crazy me being over-whatever-you-wanna-call-it.

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  1. such cute pictures! so nice to read about your love for your family. have a wonderful day!


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