Flowers and Garden updated tour

Dear garden and flowers...
O how I love thee... O how I love He who created thee. It's proof, I tell you, It's all the proof I need of Him. Look at His beauty, vibrancy, colors, variation, attention to detail.

Notice His softness, His love for making things beautiful
{my once-recked, now sanctified life testifies of that as well}

Notice His provision, His power, His fulfilled promises.

Thank You, Father for your love, your everlasting, unconditional love for yes, even me. Show me Your ways. I'm simply asking You to work through me- all You, using me. You alone are worthy; what have I done for these flowers but planting, and a teeny watering? Do so in my life. I realize I can only plant myself in you and water daily with living water and You alone, Lord can bring me up, growing straight towards the Son. Thank you Father!

I'm trying out this thing they call Picasa. Haven't yet learned too much but as you can tell from my last few post, I've been trying. I can't get the text to stay and upload on blogger. I had really profound- life- changing things all over these photos, and now {it's just so sad} you're never going to hear them. I'm sure you'll be fine, but just think how I could have helped!
If you have any tips on Picasa or other recommendations for photo editing software, I'm sure to soak it up! {Preferably not TOO expensive, or perhaps even cost free would be good. See we have a budget. I know, they aren't too fun, but it is fun to go to online banking and see the little Credit Card tab and Installment Loan tab drop from such high numbers... I don't like heights when it comes to balances on those types of things.}


  1. Hi Lauren,
    thanks for commenting on my post today :) To answer your question... It was not with the same organization, but was a similar deal. My sister-in-law and her husband were actually missionaries in Haiti, so they left together. It was quite amazing... It is such a wonderful thing that so many orphans were able to get out and into adoptive families because of the earthquakes! Doesn't God have an amazing way of doing things!!!?

  2. Hello Lauren,
    Thanks for your kind comment!
    I am glad that you like my photos :)
    Regarding your question, I always use photoshop for editing.
    I wish you a wonderful summer!

  3. lovely post.

    now you have me wanting to check out picasa.

  4. Your blog is so pretty! LOVE the garden photos. Love 'em. I tried Picasa, but my computer just froze up. I want Photoshop, but I have a budget too. Sigh. I'm stuck with iPhoto editing, which ain't much.

  5. If you like picasa, try a free photo edit site called picnik!! I use it all the time!


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