Daphka is 7!

Is this not the sweetest birthday girl you've ever seen?

She is as much of a basket-case as she is cute, I must say!

Her party was as pink and girly as they come, to meet her personality!

As Barbara and Vedline's birthdays were just a few week prior, Heath and Betsy got the three of them a black lab pup. They named her Miley after a little girl at church that the smother with love every Sunday.

This was such a fun party! Betsy made enchiladas, salsa, a darling strawberry shortcake cake, and much more. I was so blessed to get these 3 little girls as nieces last winter!

Father... I pray for Daphka. I just pour my heart out for her. Her strength is inspiring. Take her places. Bless those in Haiti because of her. Be with her Haitian family, speak to them. Amen

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