Home sweet home!
Every year my family takes a week off life and goes to the lake.
This place is commonly known as Lake Cumberland.
You may have heard it's in KY, but don't be mistaken.
It IS truly out of this world!

Yes. I may be partial.
Maybe it's because I've gone one week every summer of my life
(save one, when we drove to CA)

It's gorgoeous and perfect for our family!

My mom relaxes, does a little swimming. This is, I'm proud to say, was her first year of willingly getting her hair wet since I can remember! She's really stepping up! I have yet to see her ski! (While she says she used to, I need proof.)

My dad drives, relaxes, and does all the skiing that ole man can handle, say a few bins!

My oldest brother is internally competitive so he does nearly everything and does well! This year he tried out wakeskating. Looks interesting... but I'll stick with bindings on a board. I don't have very good cordination!

My other brother is a total goof off. No, really, if you don't know him, he's nothing like the serious older brother or younger sister. He is spends his life being unorganized and goofing-off. Therfore he does the Kneeboard the majoraty of the week. Trying out 360s, getting air, and riding the hump of the wake with the trim all the way up.

Everyone does a little tubing... who doesn't like it?

My amazing husband (well, he's just amazing)
but he enjoys wakeboarding and clearing the wake.

In doing so, he takes a few wipeouts, but he's still really amazing.
He just is.
So there.

I attempt the wakeboard and after a killing myself a few times, I drag my dead self upon a kneeboard and just have fun. You can only hurt yourself so bad on a kneeboard.

It's such an amazing time. Now to answer a few questions... Yes, we have a hard time getting 8 life jackets and that many boards and ALL our FOOD on a 22ft Sea Ray, but we manage to somehow!

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