Tea Parties

It's proof.
I said I liked to dress up and here's the proof.
My friend, Lynae hosted a tea party for some girls in the church and we had quite the time. Of course at that point I had no idea of pill-box hats or birdcages, but it was fun none the less. {She accepted Christ two weeks after me and a couple years later got married just 2 weeks after me. We grew up together and stayed very close through our growing up years}

These are some of my Aunt Judy's clothing that I liked to dress up in. This is in her back yard and the photos are by my brother, Brad. We had so much fun at her house. Then we'd jump in the pond and play under the fountain and ride in the paddle boat. Then the four wheeler... it was wonderful times!

I know, I'm quite the poser!

She was always sweet enough to have more that one tea party per visit...

We were PRETTY high class, eh?

We had a fabulous Butler. I'd say we were high class...
These were taken at two separate visits and if you'll notice I had the same dress on... It was my FAVORITE!

This is Aunt Judy's niece on the other side of the family. We were same age and had so much fun.

This love carries on... I love vintage!


  1. These pictures are just wonderful! You looked so darling! :-)

  2. :*)...
    mmm memories <3

  3. Not the best view of the butt-ler, I must say!

  4. Hope you had a great Independence Day!
    Happy new week darling!


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