Strawberry Pie

I made my first ever pie... (I did do one Key Lime in HomeEc, with help from teachers). I guess I had a teacher here too. My hubby taught me how his Mom makes fresh strawberry pie. (At 10PM, did I mention?)
We made the crust, pretty simple really. It was a good recipe and pretty easy to roll out.

After a few mis-haps I was really getting the hang of it.

We made the gelatin from strawberries and cornstarch and sugar instead of Jello.

Grandpa made me this rolling pin which I am quite fond of, and THAT is what made the pie so good, I'm sure!

With leftover strawberries we made YUMMY smoothies!

Sorry I don't have a photo of the finished pie... we ate it too fast. Literally, we each had 3 pieces the next day; gobbled it all down in one day!

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  1. Oh i can just imagine how good that pie was. Levi's Mom makes the BEST pies so it had to be good if you were using her recipe!! Looks like you had fun, enjoy those 'just-married' days!!


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