Nearly One Month Ago...

I turned 18 and became an official adult. This was not by my choosing of course, this just happened to me out of the blue. May 19th rolled around so peacefully and the 20th hit with a bag. I was no longer allowed to be a child. I had to be an adult and I didn't even want to! But there were some good things that came out of the day anyhow. I got to share the evening with hubby and Mom B at Marians Pizza and come home to JD Custard with fresh strawberries from Mom's patch. Hubby and Mom were laughing at me because I was "mmmm"-ing with delight literally every bite.
I was allowed to see my doctor without my Mother's consent, approval, presence, and signature. (Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with my mother's presence, in fact I quite like it! AND... I haven't been to the doctor more than I need to just because I can now.)
I also was allowed to sign onto hubby's bank accounts without being considered his DAUGHTER. We were also able to consider more insurance options and save some money. (Most insurance companies will not even give the option to quote a 17 yr old as a spouse.
Hubby also bought this darling cabinet for me, and is going to take me (our next free Saturday, which I am about to clear one, because I can't wait for this...) to my choice of Waynesville, IKEA, or a night at a motel. I can't really decide, they all sound great. He did however say if we went to IKEA he would buy me a full length mirror since I've been complaining about the lack thereof.
It's going to go in our laundry room when it (laundry room AND cabinet.) gets finished. I live where my grandpa used to live (he was actually raised here and raised his family here) There was an old cabinet that was sold (to my aunt, who won't give it back) at Grandpa's moving auction, which happened when I was too young to care that furniture and such. She refinished it and it is gorgeous. Anyhow, this cabinet reminds me of a smaller version of that, with the pull hinges and all! I was excited.

Moving on now...
My brother, Brad dropped these gorgeous flowers off on my porch for me when I got home from work that day. (Which is what I needed after a day of work like THAT) He and his lovely wife also gave me some scrapbooking tools, and Branton gave me money for scrapbooking supplies. I think they've got my number!

Dad and Mom got me Kitchen Aid's chopper, which I was excited about as well. Now to make fresh salsa from the garden... Yes, you're allowed to come over!

I got my salsa recipe from the amazing cook (drum-roll here....) Gina Denlinger, my sister-in-love. She gave me these darling file keepers. She catches on quick... the birds, the look, the organization, the colors; I think she knows me as well!

Abbey, what a dear. My maid of honor forever, gave me this skeleton key necklace, which she purchased on Etsy.

Needless to say I had a good day and am quite well blessed.
And just to reassure you all, I haven't changes; I still act like a kid, just ask hubby!

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