Happy Father's Day

I have a wonderful Dad.
I do. He is worthy of all respect, and I have it for him, boy do I ever. I never went through the time where I didn't get along with him. Sure, as a teenager there were things we disagreed about, but He was always my Hero.
When I was little I had a {big} problem with disobeying and stubbornness. He did a "program" with me. Every time I obeyed or did something nice he would give me one point, and every time I disobeyed or did something naughty or asked for a point {I learned quickly on this one} He would erase {or put a negative} point. When I reached a certain amount of points, he took me wherever I wanted to go for a "daddy-date". I chose McDonald's, yes out of all the places I could have chosen, I chose the wonderful McDonald's. When I got there I ordered a large fry. He tried to get me more for me, but I didn't want it... I just wanted fries. But he was sweet to me and always has been. And I've remembered it ever since.

He's always done a good job of protecting me, but was rarely over-protective.

He loved me with all his heart and maybe even {just a little} spoiled me?
He was the best minister in all the world and when he sat down from his sermons I would always wink at him. He would glance at me right when he sat down and I would wink so big at him, because like I said, he was the best. Maybe I've always thought that just because I hung onto his every word, and didn't listen too much to the other ministers.
I would take him into our living room about once a month to ask Bible-questions because he was the best. Well I did that until he mentioned it in a sermon. {and here I am telling the whole blogger world}

So without further ado;

Dad, I love you. You are the greatest. Thank you for loving me, lifting me up to our Father, and showing me the love you've received from Him. xoxo,

Your little girl forever

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  1. Oh Lauren, You are so sweet !
    You make it sound like I was near perfect. I lack in so many areas as a dad.
    You were such a joy to watch grow from an infant into womanhood.
    I have so many memories of our daughter-father chats. I miss you around home everyday but am rejoicing in the Lord for you and your new husband! I love you both so much!!


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