Cute Little Boys

Last Friday, Mom and I were doing some garage sale-ing in my little hometown {yes, I got some good deals!} One of the garage sales was at a petitioners home. And I snapped this. Tell me, is this darling?
And the little Levi Jr, Mr Owen stayed with us a few weeks ago. He slept right between us, because we spoiled him! On our way home, we stopped by the gas station and let him pick out candy and a drink. He chose Whoppers and Root Beer. When we got home we wanted to watch Over the Hedge, and eat popcorn, whoppers and pop. {dare I say what time it was? It was 10:30pm when we started the movie and snacking.} But needless to say, we had fun. And he wanted to watch another movie when we finished the first, but we decided we should get some sleep for church the next day. {see, we would be such good parents!}

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  1. Those little boys are darling:)
    And that is definitely Levi Jr.!! Enjoy spoiling him, you won't do such things with your own kids - well, maybe just a little!!
    Do you have pictures of your good deals? I wanted to go to those garage sales but never found the energy to drag all 3 girls over that way:)


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