Tea Parties

It's proof.
I said I liked to dress up and here's the proof.
My friend, Lynae hosted a tea party for some girls in the church and we had quite the time. Of course at that point I had no idea of pill-box hats or birdcages, but it was fun none the less. {She accepted Christ two weeks after me and a couple years later got married just 2 weeks after me. We grew up together and stayed very close through our growing up years}

These are some of my Aunt Judy's clothing that I liked to dress up in. This is in her back yard and the photos are by my brother, Brad. We had so much fun at her house. Then we'd jump in the pond and play under the fountain and ride in the paddle boat. Then the four wheeler... it was wonderful times!

I know, I'm quite the poser!

She was always sweet enough to have more that one tea party per visit...

We were PRETTY high class, eh?

We had a fabulous Butler. I'd say we were high class...
These were taken at two separate visits and if you'll notice I had the same dress on... It was my FAVORITE!

This is Aunt Judy's niece on the other side of the family. We were same age and had so much fun.

This love carries on... I love vintage!


Roses, Gloves, and Birdcage

Today is a Monday for sure...
I feel it and not sure why. It's a day off work, I slept in, I'm designing wedding thank-yous
{which is usually an enjoyable type thing to me} and it all seems good.
But for some reason I'm dragging. I needed to go to grocery, do laundry, wash dishes, clean house, and design thank yous. So far I'm half done with laundry and thank yous are designed but I don't like them so I'm going to do them over. It is 4:30 and we're leaving at 5:30 for family night. Sigh, just one of those days, you know!
Anyways these photos make me happy for a few reasons.
They're vintage... and all things vintage.
They remind me of better days, and the days when work was harder. When the ladies of the day didn't procrastinate cleaning house and washing dishes by blogging...

So I thought I'd share them with you to make your day just a bit better. God bless.
{Oh, if you leave a comment it's a guarantee to make my day better, I'd recommend it!}


Cute Little Boys

Last Friday, Mom and I were doing some garage sale-ing in my little hometown {yes, I got some good deals!} One of the garage sales was at a petitioners home. And I snapped this. Tell me, is this darling?
And the little Levi Jr, Mr Owen stayed with us a few weeks ago. He slept right between us, because we spoiled him! On our way home, we stopped by the gas station and let him pick out candy and a drink. He chose Whoppers and Root Beer. When we got home we wanted to watch Over the Hedge, and eat popcorn, whoppers and pop. {dare I say what time it was? It was 10:30pm when we started the movie and snacking.} But needless to say, we had fun. And he wanted to watch another movie when we finished the first, but we decided we should get some sleep for church the next day. {see, we would be such good parents!}


Happy Father's Day

I have a wonderful Dad.
I do. He is worthy of all respect, and I have it for him, boy do I ever. I never went through the time where I didn't get along with him. Sure, as a teenager there were things we disagreed about, but He was always my Hero.
When I was little I had a {big} problem with disobeying and stubbornness. He did a "program" with me. Every time I obeyed or did something nice he would give me one point, and every time I disobeyed or did something naughty or asked for a point {I learned quickly on this one} He would erase {or put a negative} point. When I reached a certain amount of points, he took me wherever I wanted to go for a "daddy-date". I chose McDonald's, yes out of all the places I could have chosen, I chose the wonderful McDonald's. When I got there I ordered a large fry. He tried to get me more for me, but I didn't want it... I just wanted fries. But he was sweet to me and always has been. And I've remembered it ever since.

He's always done a good job of protecting me, but was rarely over-protective.

He loved me with all his heart and maybe even {just a little} spoiled me?
He was the best minister in all the world and when he sat down from his sermons I would always wink at him. He would glance at me right when he sat down and I would wink so big at him, because like I said, he was the best. Maybe I've always thought that just because I hung onto his every word, and didn't listen too much to the other ministers.
I would take him into our living room about once a month to ask Bible-questions because he was the best. Well I did that until he mentioned it in a sermon. {and here I am telling the whole blogger world}

So without further ado;

Dad, I love you. You are the greatest. Thank you for loving me, lifting me up to our Father, and showing me the love you've received from Him. xoxo,

Your little girl forever


Garden Antique Show

Last Friday evening my mom, aunt, friend, and I went to a lovely garden antique show just east of Troy, OH while our hubbies were at the Red's game. It was so amazing I couldn't believe I had never heard of it before. My Aunt and her friend used to set up booth there, yet still, I had never heard of it.

Vintage truck

The Hostess' home

A few of her beautiful flowers

I thought this stand was darling... I quite liked it. And their lemonade was ABSOLUTELY amazing! MMM... (BTW Lemonade Stand ladies, sorry it took so long to get the photo up of all you beauties... and for not knowing names...! Thanks again for the photo and wonderful posing, and of course, for refreshing me with yummy lemonade!)

The vendors were set up all throughout the yard, in sheds, on porches, and in the midst of gardens. It was like a good dream I didn't want to wake up from.

Fish pond.

And now to treat you with photos of my "gettings" I haven't told you about my hat-trying-on experience. Apperantly I should have been in the Victorian age, or so I was told a few dozen times. I have a LOVE for vintage hats, gloves, the whole bit. I think it originated with dressing up in them at my Aunt's house and haveing tea parties with her... I'll have to get some photos of me dressed up at her house from years back, they're treasures, let me tell you. Anyways, I found vintage hats for $5 each. As I was trying them on I gathered quite a group of ladies perswading me that I am "Victorian" with my porcellin complection and dress and pale lips and the whole she-bang. Anyways, the vendor told me they were so perfect for me she gave me an even better deal. Now I wish I would have gotten more... But here are the four I got.

I found these for a friend who had a darling little girl just a few weeks back.

And soaps from Ivy League (Greenville,OH)

I say I found some good deals... What a fun evening. I can't wait for next year, I already have a group to go with me.

Strawberry Pie

I made my first ever pie... (I did do one Key Lime in HomeEc, with help from teachers). I guess I had a teacher here too. My hubby taught me how his Mom makes fresh strawberry pie. (At 10PM, did I mention?)
We made the crust, pretty simple really. It was a good recipe and pretty easy to roll out.

After a few mis-haps I was really getting the hang of it.

We made the gelatin from strawberries and cornstarch and sugar instead of Jello.

Grandpa made me this rolling pin which I am quite fond of, and THAT is what made the pie so good, I'm sure!

With leftover strawberries we made YUMMY smoothies!

Sorry I don't have a photo of the finished pie... we ate it too fast. Literally, we each had 3 pieces the next day; gobbled it all down in one day!


Hubby has wonderful ideas!
A couple of weeks ago we were going to meet my parents and Uncle and Aunt for supper. Hubby thought of taking Mom and my aunt a rose from our garden. He randomly said it would be fun if we could make them into corsages. I had leftover floral tape and wire and pins from the wedding so I thought I'd give it a shot, even though I had never done anything like it before. Here's the result. What do you think?

Here's what Mom thought of it! I'd say she was thrilled!

And Aunt Carla as well.

Pleased as a wild rabbit in a carrot patch.

Aren't the ladies stunning?

Thank you, Levi, for giving me wonderful ideas with your dreaming. I apologize when I tell you that you dream too much and it overwhelms me, I apologize when I don't listen or take seriously your dreams. It's one character trait I love most about you. You're the best... much love!

Nearly One Month Ago...

I turned 18 and became an official adult. This was not by my choosing of course, this just happened to me out of the blue. May 19th rolled around so peacefully and the 20th hit with a bag. I was no longer allowed to be a child. I had to be an adult and I didn't even want to! But there were some good things that came out of the day anyhow. I got to share the evening with hubby and Mom B at Marians Pizza and come home to JD Custard with fresh strawberries from Mom's patch. Hubby and Mom were laughing at me because I was "mmmm"-ing with delight literally every bite.
I was allowed to see my doctor without my Mother's consent, approval, presence, and signature. (Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with my mother's presence, in fact I quite like it! AND... I haven't been to the doctor more than I need to just because I can now.)
I also was allowed to sign onto hubby's bank accounts without being considered his DAUGHTER. We were also able to consider more insurance options and save some money. (Most insurance companies will not even give the option to quote a 17 yr old as a spouse.
Hubby also bought this darling cabinet for me, and is going to take me (our next free Saturday, which I am about to clear one, because I can't wait for this...) to my choice of Waynesville, IKEA, or a night at a motel. I can't really decide, they all sound great. He did however say if we went to IKEA he would buy me a full length mirror since I've been complaining about the lack thereof.
It's going to go in our laundry room when it (laundry room AND cabinet.) gets finished. I live where my grandpa used to live (he was actually raised here and raised his family here) There was an old cabinet that was sold (to my aunt, who won't give it back) at Grandpa's moving auction, which happened when I was too young to care that furniture and such. She refinished it and it is gorgeous. Anyhow, this cabinet reminds me of a smaller version of that, with the pull hinges and all! I was excited.

Moving on now...
My brother, Brad dropped these gorgeous flowers off on my porch for me when I got home from work that day. (Which is what I needed after a day of work like THAT) He and his lovely wife also gave me some scrapbooking tools, and Branton gave me money for scrapbooking supplies. I think they've got my number!

Dad and Mom got me Kitchen Aid's chopper, which I was excited about as well. Now to make fresh salsa from the garden... Yes, you're allowed to come over!

I got my salsa recipe from the amazing cook (drum-roll here....) Gina Denlinger, my sister-in-love. She gave me these darling file keepers. She catches on quick... the birds, the look, the organization, the colors; I think she knows me as well!

Abbey, what a dear. My maid of honor forever, gave me this skeleton key necklace, which she purchased on Etsy.

Needless to say I had a good day and am quite well blessed.
And just to reassure you all, I haven't changes; I still act like a kid, just ask hubby!