What a Weekend!

So, on my last post I said something about having a bite and it swelling up my face. It started coming around Wednesday afternoon. Thursday, hubby and I woke up and he had it on his eye and it had spread and swollen on me, so we went to the Pharmacy to see it they could recommend anything (saves money by not going to doc!) She thought it was a bite, but we wondered since he had it as well. I stayed home from work Thursday and it got worse. By Friday morning, it had spread. One eye was swollen shut and the other was close! I called mom and she met me at Hometown Urgent Care in Troy. The nurse said it was some sort of plant irritation and gave me a prednisone shot in the "hip" and a prescription. I was feeling better and swelling had gone down some, so I went ahead and met all the Wagoner girls (my Mom's side of the family) for lunch and went to Extravaganza Flea Market with them all for the day. I was feeling so much better. Anyways, here's some finds I got!
I spotted this little wagon for hulling around our stuff! My first thought was "Hey! There's a piece of junk! I could get it for dirt cheap and not have to carry my finds all day." The vendor saw me looking at it and offered $20. I didn't want to spend that much on a "tote" so I was going to give it up. But then it hit me how cute it would be planted. So I offered $15 and got it! I brought it home and hubby liked it and even planted it for me the next morning!

I've wanted vintage, dress-up hats and gloves forever. My Aunt Judy always had rooms full of hats, purses, gloves, clip on earrings, dresses, shawls, the whole thing, you know! Me and my cousins would always dress up and have tea parties. I love that sort of thing! Well, now that I gained 9 nieces in January (the joys of marrying into a large family) I decided I really needed some. I found some gloves while shopping at Ally Cat Chic with Aunt Judy about a month ago and found these Friday for $10 (yes, total!)

This little book caught my eye. I love music, and enjoy reading music more that a book! I looked on the back and it had a $.25 marker on the back, therefore, I got it!

This little rake and shovel I found in a primitive booth, which isn't exactly my style, but I was waiting on my cousin. I thought they were cute, but wasn't expecting to get them. I asked the vendor what she wanted for them and she told me she'd take $.50. Therefore, I got them too! :)

I have bangs. They're new and annoying. So I was on the lookout for cute bobby pins and barrettes. I saw the bobby pin and kept looking. Then I saw the pin. I adore skeleton keys. Our front door is a skeleton key lock and I smile every time I lock or unlock it, literally! I have never had so much fun unlocking doors in my LIFE! Then the ring, well I just like it. I got them all for a total of $2!
That's all i got at Extravaganza. We left at the latest possible! I came home to THIS on the table!

I love my Hubby, and he does a quite wonderful job of showing his love for me!

This gift may seem random to the naked eye, but when you look through my eyes, it's the best! I quite love pineapple; in fact it's my favorite fruit. And as for the wine, well who doesn't like it? (It even had the word vintage on the bottle, which is part of the reason he bought it for me) I also like western romances... so this was perfect! My Hubby so gets me, which is amazing, because most people don't really!

He also made grilled steak and pototoes. The table was all set nicely, outside!:)

Mmmm... it was so good! Then we walked to the park and saw some friends, so they came over for the evening! I love friends!

Saturday the rash had gotten worse. It spread even farther around. I had never had it so badly and I didn't know what to do with myself. But Hubby made it better. He had gotten a few things for me the day before! He found this darling thing at Wertz hardware! He also bought me all this fruit while he went GROCERY SHOPPING for me!

He found 4 of these at his mom's that we're going to one day refinish... hold me to that!:)

THIS! I had been looking at these all day at Extravaganza, but never got one. He found this at his Mom's as well! Any ideas on what to use this for, I just love them, but don't really have ideas! I did think about bath towels, but I already have them in a newer painted metal basket. :)

My Mom always had her grandmothers wash tub to hold blankets in. I had always wanted it, and actually asked Mom for it on Friday... she didn't want to give it up yet! But that's fine, because Hubby got me one! He really is the best, I'm being quite honest and frank with ya!


  1. You have some amazing finds!!!!
    I am in love with your wagon. I have one on my front porch as well!!

    I just wanted to let you know that you are the winner of my giveaway!!!!
    Stop by my blog and grab my email so that I can have your prize shipped to you.

  2. Is that a COPPER wash tub?? I want one of those!! How fun:) Enjoy it!


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