These are a few of my Favorite Things!

There is nothing that can make me happier than having the peace of knowing that I am loved no matter my mistakes. My Father shows this best and my hubby does quite a fabulous job of it as well. I am so blessed.

There are, though, things out there that just put a little smile on my face. Let me take some of your precious time to share them with you. I hope I can make you smile at least once throughout this post! Please leave a comment with some of our like favorites!

Finally surrending trials to the One who knows best.

Fresh strawberries, and all other fresh fruits and veggies.

Being caught up on laundry, cleaning, etc.

Pearls Before Swine


Old scales. Really, all things vintage.
I've been collecting red vintage kitchen utensils.


Ice water in a metal cup

Hand-written letters

SherwinWilliams paint samples

Hug from Momma
Piggy Bank, specifically I like the expression on this one!

When my hubby makes me laugh

Nail polish and freshly painted nails.

Day off work

Winning a givewaway

Birds. (I have at least one cage or picture of birds or SOMETHING related to birds in EVERY room of the house! I mean I LOVE 'em!)

Flea Markets

Victorian pieces and decor

Following a new blog

Vintage Postcards.

Date nights with the love of my life

Being still and knowing that He alone is God.

Coffee, Bible, PJs, oatmeal, and a free morning, all together

Girls Night Outs.

Somerset, KY

Recieving pretty little roses from hubby in my favorite shot glass from McMaster and Storm.

Restful night of sleep

Recieving vintage spice jars from my wonderful mother

I sure do hope you can find simply joys in your day!
GOD bless...


  1. I 'member that glass. ;] I laughed at your paint samples...sigh. Love you girl!

  2. love fruit and veggies ...pink... Bible..... oatmeal...being caught up on laundry...pjs...date nights :) .... a day off work :) ...hug from my momma... coupons.. i would say we are a lot alike :) love ya, girl..


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