Promises Finally Fulfilled

There's a few things I promised and am just now getting to! Sorry about the delay! I have other photos I wanted to share all mixed in! Sorry if I'm hard to follow!
1. Photo of the old farmhouse!

Our grapes are blooming... mmm... I can't wait for fresh grapes to be my afternoon snack! But for now I'll have to settle for chocolate ice-cream!

There's a nice garden center right on the other side of our driveway.
2. Photos the the cabinet Levi refinished:
So here it is! What do you think? We painted it, sanded it down a bit, and put an aging varnish on it. The red knobs and black pulls are from Hobby Lobby.
This bird-bath is from a little store in Waynesville. We found it for a cheap price of only $29. I was so excited... This, however, is the root cause of messy floors at Levi's BBQ/birthday party. It sits in my kitchen full of candy the muddy children kept getting.
There was one little boy here who came inside while I was in there and said, "O my goodness, look at your floors!! Ummm... where is the candy everyone keeps getting?" I told him where they where and he replied, "Do you mind!" I told him I didn't mind, he could have some. He looks up at me and compassionatly said, "No, I mean your floors." I reassured him that I have a mop and I would clean it the following day. Still feeling compassionate he let me know,"Ok, good, because it's REALLY BAD." He's about 9 I would say, with a VERY polite momma, who must pass it on!

This bench was Shelly Hess'. She had a couple more that were selling for $47 at the Haiti auction. I told her I liked them but didn't want to spend the money. She let me know she had one more that I could have. Thanks to Shelly, I know have a darling bench for my front porch.!
3. Some of my scrapbooking pages:

Just don't ask about the whole widower hunting page! :)

4. Grilled Vinegar Chicken Recipie
1 Pt Vinegar 1 Pt Water
2 T Salt 1/2 lb Butter
Boil all ingredients in order to mix together. Marinate 8-10 Chicken breast 1/2 hr before grilling. Baste sauce on chicken while grilling. Reboil sause to use a dipping sause one chicken is finished. This is the best grilled chicken I've had, thanks, Mom Bowman for the recipie!

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  1. aww! i'm in a scrapbook page. :D i like it! i want to see all these up close..love all the neat detail you put into the lettering. :)


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